Thursday, January 31, 2008

I learned today from Deb at Mountain Musings that May from Krisp-Quilt is having a drawing to celebrate her 50th post. All you have to do is leave a comment. May would also like you to post the story behind your first quilt and link it to her blog, but it's not a requirement to enter the drawing.

So I had fun going through my old pictures to find one of my first quilt. Here it is. This is Navy housing in San Francisco, CA. Mike and I had just gotten married (1983) and I was uncomfortable in his bachelor-style, modern furniture. (Mike is nine years older than me, so he'd had his home set up for a while already.) So I went about trying to country-tize our home.

I had always wanted to learn to quilt, so when PBS started airing a quilting series by Georgia Bonesteel called, "Lap Top Quilting," I was hooked! I still have the pattern book (published in 1979 by Simplicity) that I used for my first quilt.
I also made the matching pillow (and the floral pillows, curtains, and afghan ~ Hubby was on sea duty and gone 87% of the time). Actually, I only hung the quilt like this for a month or two, then took it down and did a lot of handstitching on it. I couldn't find any pictures with the elaborate stitching.

So what happened to that quilt? It got worn out! I hung it for two years in San Francisco, then another four years in San Diego, then started using it for picnics. Just didn't last long then.

BTW, it only took me two years to get rid of every piece of Mike's bachelor furniture:-) Now we have solid oak, amish-made, country-style, furniture, and some oak Thomasville furniture. Much, much better!

When Maggie was in Texas, she watched a cooking show that featured a salad made with orzo and lettuce. So tonight she made her own version and was it ever yummy! It contains lots of spring mix lettuce, squash, orzo, sliced almonds, and a vinagrette dressing with lots of spices. Everyone agreed this recipe is a keeper!

Hope you had a good day.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Kathie ~` oh, I love that you posted a picture of your first quilt! There is nothing better than country-tizing a home! I've done it wherever we've lived! :)

The orzo salad looks good!

May Kristin said...

Hi Kathie!
Your quilt looks great and thank you for sharing your photo and your story!
It is fun to learn how other quilters got started!
Thank your for leaving your comment! I'll put your name in both!
Take care!