Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today was an ordinary day around our home. Not much happening, just chores and hobbies. For lunch I made this BBQ and Bisquits recipe that I learned from Charmaine. It was delicious. I mixed 2 lbs cooked ground beef with two large cans of Manwich for the BBQ part. Normally I would make my own, but our amish bent and dent store sells the large cans so cheaply that it's much cheaper to buy it than make it. But I did make my own sourdough biscuits. (The recipe calls for refrigerator biscuits.) It was a real hit with my family. (This is a large 12 quart cast iron dutch oven.)
Almost every Sunday after morning church, our family has roast beef dinner. I put a completely frozen bottom round roast in a cold oven around 8:50 am, a minute before we walk out the door. The last thing I do before leaving is turn the oven on to 300 degrees. When we get home, anywhere between 1:30 and 2:30, the roast is perfectly done. That's about 4-5 hours. And my roast is never dried out. If I put a non-frozen roast in for that long at 280 degrees, it is perfectly done also, but usually a little dried out.

Anyhow, during the week, we always have veggie beef soup with the leftover roast beef. Usually we have the soup Sunday evening after evening church, but this week we didn't have it until Wednesday. But my family really enjoyed the soup this week. The reason? I added 2 cups of bottled salsa that I am trying to finish up. So try it next time you make soup.

Today Mike took the children to the "back forty" again for more shooting fun.

My children really enjoying shooting. They were gone for almost 2 hours in that bitterly cold weather! I got to stay home in my blissfully quiet house and cut out quilt kits. Everyone was cold and red when they finally came in. They warmed up long enough to defrost, then headed back out again to stack firewood. They will sleep well tonight!

Maggie is making Hoppin Johns for dinner tonight. Ever hear of it? She tried making it last night, but when we cooked the white beans, they never softened up. We figure it must be because of our hard water here. I'll let you know how tonight's batch works out.

Hope you had a good day too. Prepare your heart now for the sermon tomorrow.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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