Friday, March 28, 2014

 I went out to lunch with Ruthie today.  It was so much fun!  My baby is 14 and time is flying by too quickly.  Lunch was delicious...a bento box at Sakura (Allen made the tempura). Allen's Malaysian boss and I kept asking each other questions trying to learn about each other's culture.
 On the way home I found myself in an unusual predicament.  I had a slow Mennonite buggy in front of me...and a police car in back of me.  I wasn't sure if I would get ticketed for going over the yellow lines to get around.  Fortunately I didn't!
 Ruthie and I saw several farmers plowing.  Spring is certainly taking its time this year.  My daffodils are limp from our last snowstorm.
 We call these piles of dirt "snirt".  Definitely tired of snirt!
 Yesterday Mike and I went to a retirement luncheon for our friend, Ted.  It was at a Mexican restaurant.  We sat with some friends from church and had a nice time.
 According to Google, the #1 keyword used to find my blog this past month has been my "agro-tower-grow-pots".  Well, this is what I'm growing so far!
 Here in southern Maryland, one of the towns is called Lexington Park.  Locals call it LP City.  I enjoy seeing all the different ways people put that on their license plates.
 My mourning doves are back.  I have six.  They love my platform feeder.  We also have a squirrel with a 2" tail.  We feel sorry for him and let him feed off the lower feeders.
Sarah gave Ruthie some flowers because Ruthie enjoys cleaning up Sarah's home.  It was a sweet surprise for Ruthie!

Well, that's about all this post.  I decided I would post every time I got enough pictures.  Not much else is going on.  We are singing two songs for church on Sunday but it's been rough with a head cold virus going around and everyone's work schedules. 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 Yesterday we celebrated Maggie's 24th birthday.  I didn't get any good pictures.  I only got this one of Maggie because I thought my camera was out of batteries...and I accidently snapped this while trying to turn the camera off.
Maggie and Lizzie made her cake.  It was delicious and very chocolate! There were 6 layers with a panache icing on top.  Between the layers they put a light fluffy icing.  Meemaw and Grandad came for dinner.  It was simple...Shrimp LoMein...which was good because the cake was rich.

I snapped this picture at church on Sunday (date on picture is always wrong).  I always enjoy the way our church ladies set up the table in the sanctuary.
This is Maggie's latest sushi experiment.  She used canned salmon to make the topping.  She is getting expert at this!  
Ruthie and I enjoy sitting on my bed cutting tracing squares onto old jeans and workpants, then cutting them out.  Usually I trace and Ruthie cuts.  We've been collecting these workpants for a long time.  They are painter's pants, camouflage hunting pants, women's pants, khakis and blue workpants. 
I have no idea why my pictures are insisting on being to the left but I'll just leave them like this.  I took this close-up so you can see the different colors.

I laid the squares out on my floor to try out two different patterns.  I was going to sell these squares...until I saw how many are already on sale on eBay.  I'll just sew these myself.

Ruthie is off the crutches and onto a special brace to keep her foot stable.  Sunday night soccer at church has not been good for our family!

 I found this unique antique at the thrift shop and couldn't help buying it.  I posted a picture of it on facebook asking if anyone knew what it is.  My Israeli friend, Nadim, immediately gave me an answer.  His Spanish Grandmother used it to strain tomatoes.  The bottom picture shows the correct way to hold it.  You rest the tomato against the solid part and the juices run out the bottom.  I never would've guessed!

I found this picture in a weird spot.  This was taken at the Valentine's banquet at church.  My children had just finished singing and were getting ready to eat dessert.  Their faces spell relief.
 I found this picture too...Ruthie's birthday cake.  But I didn't find any birthday pictures.  I'll have to check my other camera.
The theme to this winter is definitely snow!  It seems like one storm after another.  We're due for a few warm days this weekend, so the air is filled with excitement! 

Sarah has been helping a family that has a set of one-year-old triplets and 2-1/2 year-old toddler.  The momma had to have surgery...while the triplets ended up coming down with terrible colds that required trips to the E.R. and the doctor.  Finally the triplets were doing better but the momma got an infection.  The momma finally had to go back into the hospital.  Fortunately the Grandma had moved in for 6 weeks until all is better.  Sarah has spent the nights there as well.  We've spent a lot of time praying for this family!  We enjoy the pictures Sarah posts on facebook.  We sure miss her!

I wish I could say winter is flying by but it actually seems to be never-ending.  We're all anxious to start gardening. 

If you are quilting, please write to me and let me know what you're working on.  I'm looking for inspiration.  Pictures welcome!

Many blessings ~ Kathie