Friday, June 1, 2012

 Anna ~ This picture is for you.  I hope you don't mind that we took your jeep out for a spin!  Can you tell how much fun we had?!  No, this isn't really Anna's jeep.  We saw this jeep in the Kmart parking lot and immediately we knew we had to snap a picture.

The good news is that Sheri's baby was born early this morning!  We've been praying for her arrival all week.  Anna will be thrilled to be returning to Iganga where she has her own bedroom and bathroom:-)  Welcome to the world, baby Faith!
 We didn't have a Memorial Day picnic this year.  We just went to my parents' home for swimming and hotdogs.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.
 Our church had a fellowship dinner after morning service this past weekend.  Anna, guess who's hotdog this is?  Yes, there is a hotdog buried under all the onions and ketchup!
 Yes, it belongs to Sam. 
 Mike and Allen discussing ham radio towers.  
 I wanted to get a picture of Ruthie and Mary Grace washing dishes together at church.  Mary Grace makes this the most fun job around!  The fellowship in the kitchen is wonderful.  I always enjoy hearing Mary Grace talk about her mother and the other elderly ladies (who are in glory now) who used to have a tiny sink and a water fountain to do the dishes.  That makes our current kitchen a real dream!    
 Maggie snapped this photo on the way to Silver Springs this week.  She liked the idea of a Meany Campus.
 I froze duck eggs for winter.  (Ice cube trays were too small.)
 Last week when we went to violin lessons, Clara didn't come to the door to welcome us.  She was busy playing chess.  Yes, chess!  And she can name all the pieces.  I know nothing about chess, so I picked up a piece and placed it on a square and said, Checkmate!  Clara looked at me like I had 5 heads, and said, That's not checkmate!  Oh well.
 Clara had on a cute denim overalls jumper that had cute calico strips sewn to the bottom.  I'd like to try sewing that sometime.

Lizzie and Ruthie have been practicing making hairdos lately.  I love all their efforts!
We finally got our pool installed this week.  Lizzie is waiting for the water to fill up.  It took 30 hours with 2 garden hoses.  Mike is installing the sand pump now.
Allen lost 3 chickens to a possum this week.  He gets so sad over this.  Right now he has the Have-a-Heart trap set.  A hawk keeps flying down but Allen thinks he is going after the possum. We'll see how this drama plays out.
Well, time to get off the computer.  We have some dangerous storms on track, so I need to shut it down.  The rain is welcome here anytime.  I'm just thankful I don't have to be out driving in it.  PTL

Enjoy your weekend.  Many blessings ~ Kathie