Tuesday, January 8, 2008

75 degrees!

Today was another beautiful day. I dropped my children off at this park to play while I took Lizzie to violin lesson. This park is all shady, which is perfect in July, but not so appreciated in the winter. Of course, my children were running the whole time, so it felt good to them.When Maggie handed me a shopping list for tonight's dinner, I had to laugh. I remember handing my mother similiar lists when I was her age! This picture looks like an ordinary meatloaf, but it's not. Maggie added gyro seasonings. Gyro is pronounced "year-o." I had my first gyro in San Diego and it was love at first bite! I googled gyro recipes and there are many out there. If you have access to ground lamb, use at least half lamb and half beef. It really makes a difference.

Anyhow, the idea was to make two of these meatloaves, and save one for gyros for tomorrow night's dinner. But one of my ground beef packages got freezer burned and was inedible. So we will use plain beef to make another for tomorrow night. Along with the meatloaf, Maggie made oven-baked parsnip fries. Delicious! Maggie experimented with some seasonings and came up with a great fake-parmesian coating. It was a hit.

Yesterday I got this Clotilde catalog in the mail. Tonight I enjoyed browsing through it. It was very inspirational. There are lots of pictures of quilts, quilt blocks, table runners, etc.
I have been getting this catalog regularly ever since I bought a machine-quilting foot from Clotilde. It is a really nice foot.I especially like this tea cozy because you don't have to take it off to pour tea. We are big tea drinkers, so this is a likely project for me. (Also, it's easy and I wouldn't need to buy the pattern!) I also like the country fabrics.
I always enjoy seeing the latest gadgets for quilting/sewing. I would like to try these two gadgets. I regularly have trouble with dull needles, so if this needle sharpener works, I have plenty of dull needles to sharpen! And when Stephanie and I tie her denim quilts, we often have trouble pulling the needle through the quilt. But I will wait a year or so, and I'm sure they will show up in my trusty thrift shops!

Tomorrow brings a drop in temperatures and much-needed rain. It was fun having these two spring-like days. Hope you were able to enjoy good weather as well.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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