Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Computer Woes

Our computer was down all day on Monday. After many hours of working on it, Mike finally has it back up...but not entirely. Our cookies are disabled, so I have to use all my passwords, my email is hard to get to, and I can only open 2 windows at a time. And I could only get to my blog through Google! I had the worst case of computer withdrawal...!

To top it off, I forgot my camera at church on Sunday. But today UPS brought my new sourdough crock! Yippee! So I decided to show you my new sourdough crock in a roundabout way.
I chose this basic crock from http://www.leeners.com/. Now that I see it, I should've bought a basic crock from our local Apple Basket store (antiques store) and had Maggie make me the simple wood lid. I still think this was the best choice available. I've read many articles and websites on sourdough, and the one constant recommendation was a stoneware crock with a loose-fitting, preferably-wood lid. This fits the bill! (Especially can't use any metal around sourdough.) Here were some of my choices: The above crock was probably my second choice. Here's one from King Arthur Flour: I am surprised at this one ~ I read many times to never use a rubber sealed top to keep your starter. And this one is too small for my 3-cup starter.

This morning was my annual mammogram. The Woman's Health Center is so wonderful. They have several waterfall fountains placed throughout the building. Soft soothing music is playing. And there is a very faint smell of something good. Couldn't figure out what scent it was. So the whole experience was calming. During the 5 minutes of getting the actual mammogram, I got to read some of the most hilarious comics that poke fun at the whole mammogram process. Wish all my appointments could be this nice!

Later on this morning we went to the thrift shop to drop off four bags. I found this quilt book for 10 cents, and it will be wonderful when I get home from Lizzie's violin lesson to cozy up with my hot tea in front of the fire and pore over the pages.

I looked in the credits of this 1993 book, and sure enough, Susan Ramey Cleveland is listed there! I enjoy reading Susan's Blackberry Creek blog.

Well, it's time to take Lizzie to lesson. Hard to leave my toasty home.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Yep, Kathie, that was me.

Danielle Gottwig said...

Thanks for the tour of sourdough crocks you considered. I happened across this list while searching for a crock of my own. Cheers!