Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday to Anna!

It's hard to believe half my babies are now adults. Time sure does fly. I had fun going through my pictures for this birthday post.

Most of Anna's pictures show her hugging or snuggling someone. Here she is with darling Abigail at our family reunion two summers ago.

I remember this picture taken years ago when she comforted Ruthie to sleep.

Her bunny.

Her first baby, Ranger the cat.

Baby Khy...whom we all wanted to hold!

Anna has been busy sewing/quilting. Here are a few of her projects.

The patterns are from a magazine that comes out once a year called 100 Quilt Blocks. This is from the year 2010 issue. I love them all!

Lizzie and Maggie got up bright and early to fix a special birthday breakfast for Anna.

These are blueberry/chocolate and strawberry crepes. No, not healthy, just delicious.

I had to laugh when I saw the mess in the kitchen! There's a rule around here that says the better the food...the worse the kitchen. Fortunately it didn't take long to clean up. Ruthie is making the birthday dinner...spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. Yummy!

My children have been taking a class called Appalachian Clogging. They love it.

Last Saturday, Lizzie and Maggie joined the "Fifty and Older Class" for their demonstration on clogging. The class is sponsored by the Parks and Rec, and lasts for 6 weeks. We bought their special shoes on eBay...which is harder than it sounds. When the shoes came, some fit tight and some fit lose, so they got switched around until everyone got a pair. Whew!

Even my hubby, Mike, is getting into clogging! The teacher sent home this video...and Mike got so excited after watching it that he wants to take us to a clogging event. I'm ready!

Well, we finally got some much-needed rain in the form of some torrential downpours. We've been under tornado watch/warning for most of today.

We finally got our potatoes planted yesterday. Yes, we're late...we always are...and we always produce the best potatoes! We planted 100 lbs of Yukons, and 25 lbs of Russian Banana fingerlings. Today's rain is perfect timing!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We ran out of internet time this past week we got online just long enough to retrieve emails and keep an eye on eBay auctions. My pictures are in weird order, so bear with me. Last night we went to Grace and Peace Presbyterian for their Good Friday service, called The Tennebrae. This is probably the second most meaningful service that our family attends each year. As usual, it was good to see lots of old friends.

I found this picture of Allen. He likes to go fishing in Grandad's pond while waiting for his sisters at piano lessons.

This morning I went to the Farmer's Market bright and early...7:15 am! I had never heard of dyeing bunnies for Easter. My camera doesn't do a good job at showing how pink, blue, and yellow these bunnies are. I liked the natural colors better.

After I bought my $92 worth of goat cheese, I walked across the path to find baby mallards. Since we all passed the duck-egg test with no reactions, I told Ruthie she could buy two ducklings. Was she pleased or what?!

Aren't they adorable? Since Ruthie's last mallard flew away when the cold weather came, we've decided to either clip their wing feathers or keep them caged. I'll let you know when we get the first egg!

Tomorrow morning is Easter Sunrise service with continental breakfast the girls spent the afternoon in the kitchen making donut holes and doughnuts.

They melt in your mouth. They also baked some for the more health-conscious folks...whoever they might be.

Oops...I just deleted three pictures. Oh well, I will save those for tomorrow.

Today I spent the morning and early afternoon at church, helping serve dinner for Mr. Russell's funeral service. Mr. Russell was 95 years young and ready to go home to his Lord. There's something special about Christian funerals, and this one was no different. I enjoyed working alongside Bonnie and Owen, as well as Megan and Cindy. Since Megan's Grandma reads this blog, let me say that you can be very proud of your granddaughter, Grandma! Megan was asked to do many tasks today...and she did them all...and it was a long morning for her. (Cindy worked hard too!)

I completely forgot that today was my hubby's and my 28th anniversary...until I got in my car to come home and read a message from my brother saying Happy Anniversary! Thanks, Simba.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday. He is risen!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

PS ~ This afternoon I ran into Walmart, and on my way out, the greeter said Happy Easter to me. Before I knew what I was saying, I said, "He is risen!" The startled greeter replied, "He is risen indeed!" I think we both surprised each other.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, how I love my lilacs! I enjoy burying my face in their blossoms to breathe in the delicious scent. I wish they lasted longer than 2 weeks.

Anna made this bonnet for a 10 year old friend who enjoys pioneer life.

According to the westerns, this is how most pioneer women wore their bonnets. So cute!

Anna got her 10th immunization for her upcoming missions trip. Today she got the yellow fever shot. Anna barely had any side effects from any of the shots, just some soreness on her arms. When she returns from her trip, she will have to get two more shots...and that will be it. Final.

I am glad the warm weather is slowly arriving. I am tired of all the seedlings on my counter and on the windowsills. Time to go outside! Allen has his sugarcane in the basement in 5-gallon buckets. I want it all out! Today we cleaned out the fireplace and re-arranged the living room into our summer arrangement. I am definitely ready for spring/summer.

Lizzie brought in a bunch of chickweed for making a tincture. I'm disappointed...Maggie makes a wonderful chickweed salad with soy sauce and mirin.

I read today that 60% of Texas is in drought...some of it exceptional or extreme drought. It looks like my parents' home on North Padre Island is in the least affected region.

Do any of my local quilting friends have this book? I'd like to borrow this. I am looking for two unusual patterns...and I think they may be in this book. I have many quilting friends, so I'd like to see if someone has it before buying it.

My last picture for the day was taken at the Prince Frederick Vintage Values Thrift Shop. I took the picture with my phone it's blurry. But look closely. This is the Gawdy Lamp winner of all times. Start at the bottom and see the cutting board...then the orange meat grinder...then the fake greens, the orange trim...and the upside down basket shade. The workers love it...which is why they brought it up front. I should've asked the price. I only hope it didn't belong to any of my friends now that I've posted this!!

My inlaws are in town (from FL) and will be coming over for dinner tomorrow night. (They stay with my brother in law.) It's always good to see them. I think I'm going to serve Terrific Turkey Enchiladas...a recipe I got from my friends over at Mountain Musings. I'll let you know how it goes afterwards. Added later: The Enchilda recipe will have to wait...Grandma just called and asked me to make reservations at our favorite local seafood restaurant called Sandgates!!

Poor hubby sounds so homesick...from boredom. I had to laugh when he said he was going out to do laundry. I forgot about that! Poor Honey.

Thursdays are my busiest days, and tomorrow will be too. I'm thankful to have Christian radio with its good music and sermons. I can't imagine living in an area without that. Many blessings ~ Kathie

I've found a Friend who is all to me,
His love is ever true.
I love to tell how He lifted me,
And what His grace can do for you!

Saved by His power divine,
Saved to new life sublime.
Life now is sweet and my joy is complete
For I'm saved, saved, saved!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This afternoon, Allen and Lizzie, my almost 15 year old twins, set off to hike 10 miles. The plan was to hike through the woods to the river and back. They had been gone half an hour when a storm arrived with thunder. I called them and we planned to meet at the river.
Lizzie was only half-soaked, Allen was fully soaked...since he fell in. They hiked through marsh, streams, and woods. The rain was a light, steady rain.
Today was a good trial run...they learned to take more water and trail mix next time.
I like Allen's compass...but I'm thankful for their GPS and cell phones!
On Saturday, we made our way to the amish farmer's market in Charlotte Hall. Last week I discovered a supply of goat cheese...but could only buy $20 worth. This week I came prepared with $100!
We saw this huge goose. This picture doesn't show how big he is...but I sure was glad he was in a cage!We've been wanting to test ourselves to see if we are allergic to duck we set off with vague directions to a duck farm way off the beaten path.

We enjoyed the country ride.
We could see the farm in the distance...but lost heart when the road turned to mud.
Sarah showed me how to put the camera on road-level for a more impressive picture. I just wasn't brave enough in my minivan.
On our way out, we passed this farm with some muscovies running around. The amish man sold me two eggs for $1. He does not sell duck eggs. He has a contract with a man from Washington DC for all his full-grown muscovies. The man butchers them. Oh well.

At least we got our duck eggs!
We have been enjoying our goat cheese. Especially at $5/lb!
We've been enjoying blue cheese dressing again...on our organic lettuce grown by local mennonites. All we need now are cucumbers and grape tomatoes from our garden.
I haven't tried the hot cheese yet. Looks like cayenne peppers.
The cheddar is my favorite.
And a creamy, havarti-type cheese. I'm hoping they eventually have a mozzarella.
No...we haven't tested the duck eggs yet. Too chicken. (Us, not the eggs.)
I finally came up with a recipe to mimic the fish tacos that we loved in San Diego. Just corn tortillas, pan-fried fish (perch), homemade picco de gallo, and lettuce (not in the picture).
I was able to find cute white bolero sweaters for 4 of my daughters at the Ross store. They enjoy wearing these over their dresses. Lizzie and Anna sewed their dresses this past week.
I love their smiles.
Ruthie has been enjoying making homemade boxes. She printed them out from this free online website. She printed one of them onto cardstock for a printed inside.
Yesterday we saw our first snake of the season on the road. They are late coming out this year because of the cold weather. Speaking of snakes...Allen and Lizzie saw a 2-ft rat snake, a deer, and 3 ticks on their hike. Spring is here!

We enjoyed our one warm day (85 degrees!) and look forward to more. We need to get out in the garden. Seems like there's too much to do.

Enjoy your spring. Thank you for your's nice talking with all of you. Many blessings ~ Kathie