Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr. Joe's Homegoing

Our church will miss one of our dearest elderly members who went home today to be with the Lord. I think Mr. Joe was 92 years young. He always had a smile for everyone and rarely missed a Sunday morning service. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Jane.
Today was homeschool co-op day at church. Mr. Owen and Mrs. Bonnie teach an art class. My twins are learning soo much in that class. Certainly much more than I could ever teach them. They are using rulers and protractors. Even I am learning a lot since I try to come into the class when I am finished cleaning the dishes from cooking class.
This is Mrs. Bonnie standing between the twins. This husband and wife team do many of the behind-the-scenes work in our church. What an example they are. While most people their age are living for themselves during their golden years, Mr. Owen and Mrs. Bonnie lead busy lives totally devoted to the Lord's service.Maggie had a fun time in cooking class. Here she is teaching them how to make cupcakes. (They were dairy free and egg free.) Last night Maggie made a bunch of mini cakes for her students to practice icing. They had a great time with the different tips. Maggie wishes they had had time to make different color icings.
Here's Lizzie icing her cake.
This is Anna's sign language class. Each child is signing the letters to spell church.
And here is Anna in Pastor's Bible class. Anna says she LOVES this class. Pastor was my Bible teacher for grades 9-12, so I guess he's come full circle! My brothers and I were taught by my mother's 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers. I enjoyed hearing about my Mom from my teachers.
This is Allen's chess class. The boys really enjoyed the chess for four people.
This is Ruthie's crochet class. It's a winning combination for Ruthie because she loves Mrs. Gibbs and she loves crochet!

We stopped at the Farmers' Market on the way home and bought a bushel of apples to dry, a bushel of naval oranges, and two trays of strawberries. The strawberries are from Mexico which doesn't thrill me, but I only paid $5 for two trays because they are very ripe.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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