Saturday, May 27, 2017

I've been asked to update my blog so folks can see how we're doing.  They also want to know why I stopped.  Two reasons:  our internet connection is costly, and we just got busy living.  So here's what we're up to.  I'll start oldest to youngest.  Above is Mike (with Allen).  Mike is still working on base but he does mention retirement once in a I know it's at the back of his mind.  But with 5 children in college, it's not an option right now.

 Sarah asked me not to mention her on my blog.  Nothing is wrong, just wanting to be private.

Maggie is very busy.  This picture was taken the day before she traveled to Oregon for a week of hiking with her friend, Crissy.  They loved Oregon...especially the dairy free doughnuts!  Maggie is studying for a dietetic technician degree.  The two of us spent this past spring semester driving 2-1/2 hours to Virginia each week so she could complete her required internship. First she studied in Culpeper at the hospital, then she studied in Madison at the Autumn Care long term facility.  

While Maggie was working hard, I was roaming the beautiful Virginia countryside visiting thrift shops and antique stores.  We usually went to VA on Tuesday and Wednesday, spending the night at the Best Western hotel in Culpeper.  I enjoyed watching Chip and Joanna Gaines on cable tv.  I really miss VA and being in the Bible belt.
 This is Anna.  She just graduated from Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, FL.  Anna was the Valedictorian of her graduating class and graduated summa cum laude.  We are so proud of her!  Best of all...Anna became engaged to her fiance on Christmas morning.  We are preparing for her August wedding.  I enjoy telling people that Anna went to Florida to find a husband from Maryland. 
 Anna and John are the second and third from the right.  I took this picture in church while they were home for Christmas.
 Lizzie graduated from our local college last year, and like Anna, she graduated summa cum laude. She now has a degree in Medical Massage Therapy. This past year she also studied at Landmark Bible College and was Anna's roommate. This summer Lizzie will be returning to Chick Fil A to save up for another year at LBC. 
 Allen has had a busy two years as well.  Last year Allen earned a degree in Criminal Justice. This year he is earning a second degree in Cyber Security. In the photo above, Allen is at the Richmond International Raceway.  His siblings bought him 12 laps around the raceway.  He loved it.  

Allen works for a tech company as a solderer.  He enjoys his work.  Not only did he attend college full time but he also worked 30 hours/week.  He was busy!
 Allen rode his motorcycle to Florida...a 14 hour trip!  He also enjoyed a trip to West Virginia.  (Allen just walked past and informed me this is his old motorcycle. Tomorrow I will update with his newer bike.)
 Last but certainly not least, Ruthie is now a Red Cross certified lifeguard.  She will be getting her drivers license next month.  This past semester Ruthie studied at the local college and got A's in her classes.  Ruthie had such a wild schedule this year with Tuesday classes while I was in Virginia.  She really was tested but passed with flying colors!!  (Thank you to Granddad who is still running his chauffeuring service.)

 Lizzie and Anna came home from college this past Tuesday, so the excitement level around here is still elevated.  Along with the return to never-ending laundry and continual dishwashers, is the wonderful sound of singing and laughing.  Maggie and Lizzie spent the afternoon in the kitchen making delicious cinnamon rolls (gluten-free!). We're slowly getting back into our routines.

 We girls even managed to finish a puzzle.  Now we're working on a difficult puzzle which made the crossword puzzle look simple!
This is a picture of the mountains in Virginia.  I miss those mountains and the friends I made.  (I was disappointed that we had to stay in the costly hotel each week.  In spite of the many large Baptist churches nearby, not one person was a member of the Candle in the Window ministry.  I even wrote to the churches but never heard back.)

This summer we are busy preparing for the wedding and enjoying being back together.  Maggie is giving Anna a bridal shower as well.  So there is much to do.  We are very thankful that our children have been good stewards and have paid their way through college.  I'm learning it is a rare thing to be debt free after college. 

If you are reading this, please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.  I've missed my blogging friends!

Many blessings ~ Kathie