Friday, January 18, 2008

This is yesterday's snowfall just before it stopped. After a few hours of stillness, it started raining. Today there isn't any evidence of snow. Fortunately my children were able to play in it for the few hours between snow and rain. So much fun!
We have geo-thermal heating in our home, so we are used to very low electric bills compared to our neighbors. But this past month our bill was $450!! That is twice than we are used to. Our home is 5400 sq ft, but not that big! So while we are waiting to get our geo-thermal unit checked for leaks, we started up the woodstove in the basement and the fireplace in the living room. Our home is toasty!

Allen has the job of keeping the fires going, and he does a fantastic job. Never any complaining. And rarely do we have to remind him. Thanks, Al.

This woodstove is the same stove that was in my parents' home for 20 years. Mike and I courted many hours in front of it. When the electric goes out, this stove is handy for cooking anything. I made my best loaf of bread on it. (I put the loaf pan on a trivet and covered it with a large stockpot turned upside down.)

The bricks on top of the stove are to replace the crumbling bricks inside. This cast iron stove is a real treasure, but sure would make the EPA cringe!

Today I learned about a computer game called Sheep Dash that helps with keeping your brain fit. Researchers say everyone should play this game daily for good brain fitness. Try it! What else do you know that is fun and healthy?

Hope you enjoyed your week. We are busy restocking woodpiles to prepare for Saturday night's snowstorm.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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