Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy day ~ short post

Today was very busy. I spent more time at appointments and doing errands than I spent being home. I'm worn out. I feel about as restful as this picture.

I found this ugly picture on Don't bother looking there, the pictures are simply awful. Fortunately, our county has very few of these gaudy yards. On the contrary, each year I am more impressed by the beautiful lights displays.

But I do have to wonder, what in the world do these displays have to do with celebrating Jesus' birth?!

This morning Lizzie and I drove down to get our shots and to run errands. Then I came home and got Maggie to go have a root canal procedure thanks to a trauma injury a few years ago. After that we came home and she made Tabouli salad for dinner. Every morsel of bulghur got eaten ~ it was delicious!

It is nice to know that I can leave and my children will still get their schoolwork and piano practicing done. Sure helps a lot. But oh how I miss being home with them!

Hope you had a more restful day.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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