Monday, February 4, 2008

Fellowship Dinner at Church

This past weekend was busy. We had a funeral on Saturday for Mr. Joe's homegoing. The funeral service was a wonderful time and many people raised their hands during the invitation (to show that they prayed the prayer of salvation). It was such a blessing to see Mr. Joe and Mrs. Jane's family heritage reflecting their godly lives.Then yesterday we had a fellowship dinner after church followed by an afternoon service. Evening service was canceled due to the Superbowl game. Hopefully that means that our members will pop a superbig bowl of popcorn while playing Rumikub with their families:-)
As usual, it is always a pleasure to see the babies in the church. Here are our set of twins being held by their proud Grandmas. So much fun to watch the twins...especially while getting a good night's sleep!Oh! A twinnie woke up! She looks just like her Momma, Susan. Susan looks blissfully happy these days. It warms my heart to see someone enjoying motherhood.

For the nondairy people, Maggie made chicken and dumplings, and pecan cake. Delicious. The chicken and dumplings was fashioned after the same dish at Cracker Barrel. One old-timer tasted it and said it was the best he'd ever eaten. We agree! This morning we ate pommelos for breakfast. A pommelo is a cross between a grapefruit and an orange. It's delicious! Sweet enough that you don't add sugar, and you can pack it in your lunchbag because it isn't juicy. I put a teacup next to it to show you how big it is.

There is a thick rind and lots of strong white pith, but that makes it easy to peel back and eat. These pommelos are full of antioxidants and vitamins.

I was surprised to read that the pommelo isn't fully ripe until it is yellow. We prefer to eat ours when they are just beginning to lose their uniform green color. Try it both ways. But pommelos are in season right now and I've seen them on sale for $2 each.

Have a great day. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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