Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Tea and Scriptures

Tonight was a night of serious business for our family. We had hamburgers for dinner, then made a pot of tea for our Bible reading for the day (Gen 43-47). We had to read two days' worth because we got home late from church last night.
For tea we chose Celestial Seasonings' Tangerine Orange Zinger. This is one of our favorites. (It's also Grandaddy's favorite and we fix it for him almost every time he comes.) Walmart now sells this for $2/box. I saw it online for $4.49/box!

After Bible reading we got out the calendar and committed ourselves to certain dates. We want to have a hymnsing, a game night, the XYXers from church for dinner, and some individual families for dinner. We also need to schedule some service times such as visiting our church shut-ins. It was hard working in everyone's schedule.
After that, Maggie made us do some serious singing practice. Sounded so good. My heart was so thankful for God allowing my children the gift of singing. It is a true answer to prayer for me.

Today I took Maggie to a dreaded Dentist appt. After we sat in the office reading some really good cooking magazines, they informed us that we were a week early. I'd goofed! Oh well. Better than being a week late!

The next two days we will be having a heat wave in the low 50s. If it's not gonna snow, might as well be warm!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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