Thursday, January 24, 2008

They're home!

The girls got home late last night from Texas. I am so glad to have them home! I don't know where Maggie was when this picture was taken, maybe she didn't have a *Corpus Christi* sweatshirt:-)

I finally found my camera last night. It was awful. I searched the church, the car, the path to the car, the garage, etc. I finally remembered that I took Maggie's Sunday School tote bag to church and sure enough, it was in that. Whew! I can't stand to misplace things!

Today I needed to sharpen my scissors, so I remembered the trick of cutting with aluminum foil. It worked like a dream.
Maggie is home, so we're eating well again. Tonight we had gyros. One of our favorites.
Every time the girls go to Texas, they bring home western gifts for me. This time they brought me the wonderful Mexican blanket from Mexico.

Last time they gave me a set of wonderful longhorn steer coasters. I love them. But please don't use them ~ when I place a cup of hot tea on them, the room starts to smell leathery (and that's putting it nicely). So they're just for looks!
The girls also gave me some Mexican placemats and coasters. So what do you think ~ is my home starting to look Texan? All I need now is a Roy Rogers lampshade and I'll be set! The girls are convinced that once I visit Texas (hopefully in the fall), I'll never come back. Suits me!

Anna spent the day reclaiming the quilting room. Looks nice.

Our snow was short-lived. The woodpile is disappearing quickly in these cold temps.

Oh yes, before I forget!! My friend Joan from Wyoming (writing about cold temps reminded me of her!) where it is -34 degrees (!!) enjoyed the sheep game from my earlier post, so she sent me the Rice game. Gotta try it! Thanks, Joan.

Have a good Friday. Keep warm.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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