Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my friends and family.  It's been more than a year since I've regularly blogged but I'd like to try again.  I get asked many times to update my blog...especially by my family.  They say, "We need you to blog so we know what we're doing!"  Well, this Christmas I got a new and improved camera, so here goes. 
I have to warn you though...we updated our internet explorer and now I get warnings popping up that my current IE is not compatible with Blogger's IE...or something like that.  We'll see.
 I thought I'd take this first update to let you know what is going on in our family.  Sarah, our oldest, moved about 5 feet away!  Yes, she's enjoying living in her own camper/trailer.  (I personally think she's having too much fun!)  Sarah has been nanny to my niece, Abigail, but now that Abigail is in all-day Kindergarten, Sarah just wakes her up and gets her to school.  This week Abigail is on Christmas vacation, so Sarah has her all day.  We love that!

Sarah is also teaching swimming 3x/week down at St. Mary's College in St. Mary's City.  She loves it.  In between she babysits for lots of friends and family. 
 Maggie is a substitute swimming teacher at the same place as Sarah.  Right now she is on leave because of a stress fracture in her ankle and leg...she kicked a soccer ball at the same time that a young man kicked it in the opposite direction.  Owweee.

Maggie is doing fantastically well.  PTL  We appreciate all our friends who pray for her regularly.  Maggie is back to raising her honeybees and doing all the many hobbies she loves.  She even drives herself to therapy!  This past year Maggie has been sewing a lot with recycled jeans, so I'll be sure to do a post on that.
 Anna is taking a full load of courses online.  She is also working 2-3 days/week at The Apple Basket, a local antique/gift store.  She loves it there and we enjoy all the freebies that come with the territory.  Anna sold her crafts at several craft fairs this year and made a good income.  After Anna goes to the next county for her orthodontist appointments, she enjoys visiting the elderly from our church.  She will be getting her braces off in January...but I'm sure she'll still visit.
 Lizzie has been very busy taking courses at the local college and working a lot at Chick Fil A.  This is the same Chick Fil A where Sarah and Maggie worked in their young teen years.  Lizzie also sews a lot. 
 I couldn't find any pictures of the twins separately, which I guess is natural, so here is another picture of them doing their Christmas Star.  Allen just got a new job at the local Sakura sushi restaurant.  He is enjoying it a lot.  He had a hard time finding any job despite repeatedly checking up on his applications.  This job was worth the wait. 

Allen is still spending a lot of time on his ham radio.  He has built quite the computer set up thanks to freecycle.  He's also playing a lot of banjo.
 Here's Ruthie with my mom.  Ruthie will be 14 soon.  How the time flies.  She has become a serious homeschooler thanks to Maggie taking over my job of teaching.  Ruthie is also doing many crafts.  Ruthie has discovered the series called Emergency!  and loves watching it.  (She got the complete series on dvd this Christmas.)
 All the pictures on this post were taken at our annual Christmas party at my brother's home.  I had gotten my new camera only a few hours before, so that explains the fuzzy and yellow photos.  Hubby is still working for the military.  He has his hands in way too many pots and is the busiest person I know. 
 I don't know who took this picture...but that's me with my brother Simba.  We're trying to make gravy here...which was holding up the meal...hence the serious faces. 

This year on November 12th, I ran down to the basement to put a log in the woodstove...but I tripped over the vacuum on the concrete floor.  I ended up with a fractured elbow and wrist, and two bruised kneecaps.  My right arm was dislocated.  I felt like one big bruise!  I'm almost healed now with just a brace on my left wrist.  I am very thankful at how little I ended up being broken.  PTL
 When I first started taking pictures at the party, I noticed everyone would make weird faces.  Evidently I had a blinding red eye flash on.
Simba thought it would be funny to wear a fake mustache.  If you know my family, you'll understand. :-)

 Lizzie and Abigail.  Abigail doesn't like big crowds, so she does a good job of putting up with all of us.

 Abigail was dressed up as a princess. Here she is showing me her special necklace...
...and her dress that has a button that lights up her dress.  So cute.
 Natalie did a great job on her first crochet project.  I wish I had a better picture to show the beautiful reds.
 Natalie has a new pitcher in her Victorian greenhouse.  This pitcher is made of concrete.
 Natalie and Abigail sharing Mom and I time.
 These past four pictures show brother Floyd, his son, wife and granddaughter.  It was hard getting pictures of the grandbabies since they weren't still.  I have lots of photos of the back of their heads.

 Here we are all together playing a "Guess what's in the stocking" game that was difficult!  The museum setting made for a yellow picture.
My nephew Dustin and his girlfriend Hayley.

So that's a glimpse into our lives today.  Now that everyone has part time jobs and schooling, I'm rediscovering the vacuum and dishwashers.  I wasn't told about this part of the deal!
This year ends with me being one very thankful momma.  My children are healthy and living godly lives.  Our times together have become fewer but more precious. 
Many blessings ~ Kathie