Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a busy week. Mike was supposed to fly late tonight (he's an instructor at the Navy's Test Pilot School) but it got canceled. He's just gonna be late getting home. So I'm trying to unwind from my busy day/week. As usual, I enjoy unwinding by writing.

So what is that in the above picture? This is jicama (pronounced hick-uh-muh). Maggie and I try to expose our cooking class to many different or unique foods. In San Diego we ate lots of jicama. It was commonly served on veggie and dip trays. Tastes sorta like pear. The other new food we let them taste was a can of sugar cane. Very fibrous and sweet. When we lived in San Diego, all but one of our neighbors was Philipino, and the children ran around chewing sugar cane (and yes, they had major teeth decay).

This past Sunday we had a fellowship dinner at our church and afterwards, Bonnie was packing up the leftovers and trying to give them away to anybody. I was the happy recipient of a big container of diced onions. So today I made one of our family's favorites, french onion soup. Delicious...especially when someone else does the chopping!
Since I managed to sew a dress this past weekend, I let myself have fun and I sewed two log cabin blocks. It's been years since I made my last log cabin. I am using my stash of 20 brown fabrics that I bought in the early 80s for a Dresden Plate quilt.
I bought this clothes dryer at the thrift shop for $3 and I hope to cut all my browns into 2" strips and hang for easy reach.

Last night my sewing room was a popular place! Maggie sewed a jumper, Anna cut out a Chinese Coins block, and I was cutting kits. Because it was another 75 degree day, our kitchen was 81 degrees! So Lizzie came into my cool sewing room to read.
Every once in a while, a young girl will ask me if there's any spending money to be made on eBay for someone their age. So from time to time I study the crafts section. Right now it is a wonderful time for Cross-stitch. Of course, you need to be 18 to list an auction (which is why we have Moms). Here are a few completed cross-stitch items that I think sold for a good price:
The above sold for $52 plus shipping.
This sewing room cross-stitch sold for $102 plus $16 shipping.

And this beautiful floral cross-stitch sold for $82 plus shipping. Favorite themes seemed to be florals, birds and Bible verses. I saw a simple verse go for $10. It probably took an afternoon to stitch and was only a dollar's worth of aida cloth and thread.

So do your homework and find out what sells. No, you won't become rich, but it is one way that a daughter can earn some spending money. Besides, it's Biblical ~ "She maketh fine linen and selleth it." Prov 31:24. Hope this helps!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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