Friday, February 8, 2008

Tea Time

Today we went to my friend's home for a tea party. This is the second year that we have gone. Sonya has three daughters, and she uses this tea as an opportunity to teach her daughter some hostessing skills. I didn't get a chance to take pictures until it was almost over. I wish you could've seen the tables all set with the china and tea sets.
Sonya had three tables set up according to ages. In the dining room was Ruthie's age; in the living room was Lizzie's age; and Maggie and Anna had their table set up in the family room.

The older girls chose to play games after they had eaten. The little girls headed for the outdoors since it was warm outside. There's something about seeing little girls playing kickball in dresses...!
Each table had beautiful linens and centerpieces. Little Hannah had a cute little dish full of paper hearts. Listed on each heart was a question that she could use to stimulate conversation if things got quiet.
This is Sonya explaining a card game to the girls. One of the key features about today's tea is that all the food was gluten free and dairy free for the three allergy families. What a blessing it was for us. We had delicious chicken sandwiches made with light buckwheat flour, 7-layer dip, veggie plates, and fruit plates. For dessert we served tea, homemade peppermint patties, and brownies. One of my glutenfree brownies didn't turn out because I purposefully omitted the eggs.
This Wednesday, our homeschool co-op is having a Valentine's Day party...much to my dismay. It is hard to teach my children that they should only give away their affection to one special person (their future spouse), and then turn around and encourage them to write meaningless, "Be Mine" valentines cards to their classmates.

So I searched the internet for "Christian verses" etc, and found this verse above. I love it! Somehow I have lost the website for it, so I can't give credit. (But I will continue to search so I can add it later.)

We aren't sure yet how we are going to put this verse on our cards, but I'll let you see the end product when we finally do.

Friday evening has never looked so good as it does tonight! We are going to do our Bible reading now and watch a movie. Hopefully it will be an early bedtime.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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