Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I enjoyed seeing Anna putting Ruthie to sleep. Seems like yesterday that my girls would beg to rock Ruthie to sleep. I remember Sarah and Maggie enjoying the twins when there were two babies to hand over! How time flies.
Maggie had fun making another quilt block. She didn't realize until she was finished that the small blue squares weren't all facing in the same direction. That's okay, I remember making many sewing goofs. It is hereditary. My mother made me a maternity dress with a one-way design of hearts...but all the hearts were upside down!
Ruthie made these masks in art class today. The theme was "in like a lion, out like a lamb." I can't remember how March came in, but it's gonna go out like a lamb. I'm still waiting for a good snowstorm!
Today in ukulele class, I had so much fun with Georgie. We sang a few songs out of this book. The wonderful thing about this book is that all of the songs are in the key of C (the uke is a C instrument, the guitar is a G instrument). What was really neat is that Georgie was able to hold his own while I sang the harmony part. Wow!

Maggie had a rough night, so she stayed home from cooking class. So I had to think up a cooking lesson really quick. The Lord blessed me and we had a great time. We made a pineapple upside down cake, pasta with olive oil, seasonings and parmesan (I let them decide on the seasonings themselves!), and then I taught the three boys how to pop popcorn on the stovetop. They ate it all, so I guess they like their own cooking!

Dad came over for tea this afternoon and brought a large pot of spaghetti for dinner. What a delightful treat! We sat in front of a roaring fire and enjoyed relaxing after a week that has been much too busy. Tomorrow is a slow day, so I hope to catch up on schoolwork, housework, and snuggletime.

Enjoy the remaining days of winter. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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