Friday, February 22, 2008

Awana Grand Prix Weekend at Church

Every winter, our church hosts a Grand Prix for the children who attend the AWANA program at our church. This year it is open to the public. The car kits go on sale in January. There are rules about how much the car has to weigh, so there are weigh-ins. My children love the whole Grand Prix process ~ choosing a design, cutting it out, painting it, weighing it, and racing it. Poor hubby gets a real workout helping with the whole thing.

So here are our cars, starting with Allen's:

Ruthie's truck is supposed to be a model of Grandad's truck:
Lizzie had fun painting her pencil car:
And of course, Anna's jet car. Can you tell she's the daughter of a pilot?
The Grand Prix has two categories of prizes that are broken down into ages. But for the most part, there are winners for speed and winners for design. Every year we've had a design winner in our family. Never a speed winner. Anna's jet is designed so that she can easily slip off the wings and tail when she goes to race her jet. I'll let you know the results tomorrow!
I needed to buy some more coffee creamer this week and almost missed it in the store. There is only one store around here that sells Silk soy creamer in the plain flavor. The above picture shows the old creamer on the left and the new carton on the right. What a difference! While I don't recommend soy products for anyone, this creamer is the only nondairy creamer that I can stand. I am on a coffee thing right now (goes along with the cold weather) and enjoy a cup in the morning and a cup in the aftnoon.
And looky what I found in Walmart today! We just recently got a new Supercenter and I still haven't discovered all the new products. But this dark chocolate bar is very big and only $1.97! Twice as big as the health food store's bar for half the price. I bought the 70% cocoa but they also had an 80% that is, of course, healthier. It's just harder on my tummy.
Just one more thing to say about healthy foods. Are you still using Splenda thinking it is a wonderful sugar substitute? Splenda recently lost a lawsuit and now they have to admit that Splenda is a neurotoxin just like Equal and Sweet and Low. And Splenda can no longer claim that it is made from natural sugar. But if you are like me, you never believed it to be healthy in the first place.

I have been gone from home almost every day this week. My home shows it. My kitchen looks like a donation drop-off for a thrift shop. I will be staying home from the Grand Prix and doing major cleaning and sewing. If I am successful, I hope to make a bunch of sourdough doughnuts. Talk about motivation!

"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength." Isaiah 40:29 What a balm to my weary body tonight.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

Wow, your kids are super creative! Hope they win! The most fun part is the creating part, anyway. Oh, the days of Awana! I still have all my verse books! Great program!