Monday, February 11, 2008

Rail Fence and Churn Dash Quilts

I woke up to a chilly 15 degrees this morning! Within a few minutes I had a roaring fire in the fireplace and now, 30 minutes later, most of the downstairs is toasty. As soon as Allen wakes up and gets the woodstove going, it will really be warm.

This past week I have been selling lots of Red Churn Dash kits. Each kit makes 12 blocks, but usually quilters buy two kits to sew 24 blocks in 4x6 rows. Now that eBay has rearranged their pricing, it isn't as expensive to list using the Buy It Now feature.

My most popular kits by far are the Rail Fence kits. I cannot make them fast enough.I made this quilt in an afternoon back in 2003. It's one of our family's favorites. You can tell by this picture (below) why it's called the Rail Fence pattern. I enjoy seeing rail fences on our local farms...
...especially when there is a cutie cow behind it. Actually, this cow belongs to our mennonite neighbor. This isn't a rail fence, but it is Maggie's favorite cow!One afternoon I was playing around trying to come up with a variation of the rail fence pattern and I was sooo delighted to come up with this masterpiece...
...only to find my masterpiece already existed! I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get the whole picture to show up. Anyhow, I have sold many of these kits too. The Rail Fence pattern is probably the easiest quilt pattern there is. Just three pieces per block. If you google "rail+fence+quilt+photo" you will come up with hundreds of wonderful variations.

Well, cold weather always gets me inspired to quilt, so as soon as my children are finished their schooling this morning, I will hopefully manage to get some serious quilting done...after I cut out a few more Red Churn Dash kits!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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