Tuesday, February 5, 2008

il fait beau!

We are having beautiful weather today, to say the least. Tomorrow should be warm also. The low for tonight is 55 degrees!
So here are my children having a picnic of hummus and salad. They never miss an opportunity to be outside!
Then kickball in the field. Most school children are used to snow days, but in our family, we take advantage of warm days. We finished schoolwork by noon, hauled in a trailerload of firewood (a gift from Mike's friend!) and then it was time off for the rest of the afternoon...except Lizzie who has violin lesson.

Today I paid $2.81/gallon for gas to fill up my van at BJs. Actually I paid only $2.76 because I get 3% back from my Discover card, and another 2% back from my BJs card. Not bad!

Many blessings ~ Kathie


taralynn819 said...

A Southern Maryland lurker here....and of course we're out of town on this beautiful weather week. In Minnesota, no less. The frozen tundra....

Although, it's not SO bone chilling. 25-30 degrees is better than their typical 0-10. :)

Thought I would finally stop in to say hi. We live in Wildwood.

mhcowen said...

Wow! It is actually colder here than on the East Coast! It was 53 at 7pm...so who knows how cold it actually got! Looks like you all had fun! I wish I could add Matthew to that mix!