Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grand Prix Results

So what do you think?! Lizzie won 2nd place in design, and Allen won 3rd place in design and 2nd place in speed. They are very pleased!
There were 57 cars entered into the event.

This is a closeup of the track. The screen in the back shows the scores.
A lot of creative minds! The only sad spot for us was Anna's jet car. The rules got changed this year and her car was rejected. There were a lot of tears, so Anna came home and took a long walk in the woods. All better now. Hopefully next year the changes in rules will be announced before the race.

I got a lot of cleaning done this morning, no more thrift-shop kitchen. I also got a lot of sewing done this afternoon...but not for me. My nieces needed to have their gymnastics costumes altered for their competition tomorrow. Yikes, it was hard work! I hate altering. I would much rather start all over and sew the clothes from the beginning. And the stretchy fabrics didn't help!

But it's all done. I'm going to join my children in a Dutch Blitz tournament and hopefully have an early bedtime.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

For those of you in my homechurch, remember to pray for Pastor who is preaching in Mexico tomorrow. I figure he'll be preaching around 3 o'clock our time.

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