Monday, February 18, 2008

Grandad's home! My parents came home from Texas yesterday and today we had a nice visit from Grandad. (Mom was home unpacking and preparing for today's first day back to teaching.) It was so much fun to sit and talk with him.Last night after church services, my friend Sonya brought some games to play. The younger crowd enjoyed playing Aggravation, while the rest of us played Dutch Blitz. We came home and continued playing Dutch Blitz until midnight. Most of the older youth played soccer in the gym.
I have many bolts of bandana fabric that I bought at Walmart for $1/yard. So Maggie designed this quilt block from them. Isn't it beautiful?! My daughters all enjoy playing around with colors and seeing what goes with what.
Today I made some sticky buns for fun. Except for 1/2 cup of unbleached white flour, I used all whole wheat flour. They were delicious but next time I won't use as much cinnamon. They sure are disappearing quickly!

I am seriously considering switching my eBay selling over to a different online auction. Ebay's new pricing and feedback system have left me disillusioned and disappointed. I have stopped selling for now but will let you know if I switch.

This past Sunday, my family sang in church. We didn't know until afterwards that we had been recorded. So if you'd like to hear us, look for the box on the sidebar.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

wow, i LOVE a capella harmony! i think the message goes without saying! :)