Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sportsmen's Banquet

Every winter, our church has a Sportsmen's Banquet. It's a big deal. In years past, we've had to turn people away at the door. This year we had 266 folks.

The purpose of this banquet is to reach men with the gospel of Christ. Mike always invites as many men as he can. Some of the regular guys who go are my brothers, his brother, two neighbors, and some friends from work.

Sorry the pictures are dark. I stayed home but sent my camera with Mike and Allen. Lizzie and Anna went to be servers. Allen won a hunting license holder. My neighbor won two prizes, a 1/4 beef and a gun case. The prizes were amazing. Not only were there so many of them (more than 100), but they were expensive: 7 day bear hunting trip, 5 day duck hunting trip, fishing rods, knife sets, etc. No guns this year. Wonder if there's a story behind that!

Mike brought home a 5-gallon bucket of meat/fat pieces of prime rib from the meal. So here I am after midnight, pouring off all the juices into containers headed for the freezer. I have 4 large stockpots boiling on the stove to make beef broth. It is the tastiest au jus ever!

As usual, there was a lot of prime rib leftover, so our church will be having a prime rib sandwich dinner tomorrow night. It's delicious!

I'm not sure what I accomplished tonight. Lots of odds and ends. I only know I kept moving:-)

Have a worshipful Sunday. I am looking forward to finding out if any men got saved tonight. There always have been.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather said...

so thankful for your valentine idea with the verse. we too struggle with the valentine's party, and since we don't typically do anything out side our family, with our home school group doing something as well, this is a great idea and we will use it!