Friday, April 6, 2007

Today has been a busy day. Definitely a day that I can feel good about. Lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry, cutting out fabric and dusting. Maggie made a breakfast casserole that is dairy and egg free. Tasted wonderful. She used almond milk and tofu scramble. She put steamed, diced potatoes on the bottom, diced crusty bread, scrambled tofu "eggs," sausage, and a white sauce. It was so good! This was a test recipe for our Easter morning casserole. Maggie always makes dairyfree and eggfree dishes for church functions. We decided we will add some veggies for Easter, probably sliced black olives, broccoli, carmelized onion and maybe diced red pepper.

In our family, five of my children and I are very dairy intolerant. It's a genetic defect. Sarah is also dairy-sensitive but she can eat certain kinds in moderation. The rest of us get sinus congestion and a rash. Our church has 10 or so members who are dairy-intolerant, so they always appreciate Maggie's nondairy dishes.

I have a picture today of (l-r) Lizzie (10), Anna (13) and Ruthie (7). They look precious, don't they? Well, many people comment to me that if their children weren't so strong-willed, they would be as well-behaved as my children. Ha! All six of my children are strong-willed and extroverted. It has only been the grace of God that my hubby and I learned about training children and applying Biblical principles to our parenting. It sure has been worth it, but it was a lot of work:-) (It is a family joke that they get their strong-willed ways from their father, the most compliant man on earth!)

Sarah and I went shopping today. Sarah is one of the Youth Leaders in our church and the youth are going to serve breakfast Easter morning after our sunrise service. It is really hard to know how much food to serve because the people in our church are notorious for not signing up. The menu will be pancakes, sausage, and breakfast casserole. Should be delicious!

Maggie, Anna, Lizzie and I are singing for special music. We were only given a week's notice, so we have been busy practicing. Maggie and Mike are also singing in another quartet. We are very thankful to be able to serve in this capacity.

Yesterday I ran out of paint, so I couldn't finish the sewing room. Mike bought some on his way home from work today, so hopefully we can finish tonight.

I saw a bumper sticker today that I liked. It said, "Fight like a Man ~ Get on your knees and PRAY!"

I watched all the shoppers today and wondered how many were going to spend any time today reflecting on the Lord's crucifixion. There was probably more thought given to buying "Easter" candy and egg dyes. Let us be a light in this dark world.

Cold weather has come again and we are expecting snow by morning. It feels nice to have the woodstove and fireplace burning. Beckons me to come sit and quilt...maybe tomorrow while Mike goes to the airport to pick up his parents (1-1/2 hours away). I really feel for Grandma coming this week. She moved from CT to FL to get away from the cold weather!

Many blessings,


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