Friday, April 20, 2007

Maggie, my 17 year old daughter, is taking flying lessons. She's only a few hours away from her solo flight (yikes!). Yesterday while she was at her flying lesson, we hopped in the car with our camera, hoping to get a picture of her landing. Well, we got there too late; she was in the classroom with her instructor (our good friend, Bob). Knowing that we were disappointed, Ruthie decided she could come up with a picture that would be just as good as the real thing. It's better! (See above picture.) Instead of a little Cessna 150 two-seater, Maggie is flying a passenger jet with no instructor ~ and with one hand! I'm not sure if you can tell, but Maggie is using her other hand to wave to us. Thanks, Ruthie.

I always say that every house should have a 3 year old to keep everyone laughing. But Ruthie is 7 and still keeps us laughing! Of course, my cousin says our family is always laughing! She says most people would be surprised to know that since we look so serious. Oh well, now you know!

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