Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good morning! We had such a good time at the Barbershop Extravaganza concert last night. Sure did laugh a bunch. Here is a picture of hubby's Barbershop Chorus. They did a great job singing. They are called Southern Mix Chorus (top picture). I know this is an old picture, but it was all I could find. Now they have many more members.

The second picture shows the Razzmatazz Barbershop Quartet. These guys are really funny. Every song they did was hilarious. My daughters and I laughed so much. These guys are from Lancaster, PA, so they are constantly making jokes that relate to the amish and being farmers. Ruthie, who is 7, just loved these guys.

The third picture shows the Chorus of the Chesapeake that is 75 members strong! They sure looked snazzy in their shiny silver vests, and the quality of their songs was superb. They sang mostly southern songs.

So it was a great evening. As always, the quartet saved the best songs for the Afterglow. By then my tummy was starting to hurt from laughing so much. But this is a nice time in my life when I can hand the car keys over to my daughter and know that everyone will get home safely and tucked into bed. Thanks, girls.

I am very thankful that whenever we had to be outside driving, the rain was not bad. The worst of the storm came later while we were sleeping. Thank you, Lord.

I am also thankful for this day of worship and rest. I'm feeling the effects of a busy week. Ruthie, Sarah and I stayed home from church because we're not feeling well. Sarah from seasonal allergies, Ruthie because her mouth is red and swollen from something she ate at the Chinese restaurant last night (probably the cashews in the chicken dish), and me from a tummyache (who knows what from!). So we're going to turn on some soothingly worshipful music from Old Fashion Christian Radio and turn our thoughts toward Him.

Thanks for reading. Be a blessing to someone in need. ~ Kathie

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