Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My hubby figured out why my pictures won't upload ~ they are too big. So tomorrow he hopes to figure out how to shrink them. I am so disappointed to have a new camera (Christmas gift) and can't use the pictures!

Mom and Dad came by after church tonight and brought a huge ham leftover from their potluck. As always, had a good time talking with them. Thanks for the ham, Dad (he does the cooking). Yummy!

Well, tonight I am all aches and pain since I spent several hours painting. Yep, Kathie painted two walls! I've never done that before. The room I'm painting is the cellar which is in our basement. Because the walls are cinderblock, it takes a lot of muscle power to roll the paint roller. The cinderblocks really absorb a lot of paint. I am painting this room bright white because it is a dark room with no windows. This is my sewing room where I hope to do all my fabric-cutting for my ebay auctions, so it is essential to be in a well-lit room.

My youngest five children helped me with the first wall. It was fun ~ I think. Let's just say that I was able to paint the second larger wall in half the time that it took the six of us to paint the smaller wall. Yes, indeedy, it was fun.

For those of you who don't know, I precut quilt kits to sell on ebay. I started selling on ebay almost six years ago and have enjoyed every moment of it! My earnings mostly pay for Lizzie's violin lessons...and books and dvds and miscellaneous.

Tomorrow I hope to finish painting. I am pleased that there are so little fumes. I will post a picture as soon as hubby figures it all out.

My wonderful inlaws are coming from Florida on Saturday. So I am going to get some serious cleaning done when the last paint dries. It will be good to see them. Mike and I are so thankful that both our parents are in good health and able to visit. My parents live a mile away as the crow flies, but 3 miles (more or less) if you take the road (of which our driveway is one mile). This year Mike's father turns 80 and my father turns 70. Seems impossible!

Many blessings,


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