Friday, April 27, 2007

Good evening!

We had a really fun evening with five of the youth from our church. They all had fun playing endless rounds of darts, a few noisy games of spoons, and another game that is the favorite every game night, called mafia. I know it's a terrible name, but they like it nonetheless. Afterwards we watched some funny clips on video. Also looked at the funny pictures on The guys had to leave early thanks to baseball and piano competition tomorrow, but we're glad they came. This group is the easiest to please ~ just lots of lemonade, pretzels and vegges with dip!

Today we went and picked up our music instruments from a wonderful man who fixes instruments. My cello got new strings, new pegs, a new bridge and a general fixup. My mother's 60 year old violin also got new everything, and we got 3 bows rehaired. I can hardly wait for my mother to hear her sounds wonderfully brilliant!

Well, our bonfire that was supposed to happen tonight got rained out. Hopefully we can try for next Friday evening.

Best of all, while all the children were playing games, Mike spent the evening in my sewing room installing the huge flourescent lights that we got for free from I hope you all know about this wonderful website. It is a grassroots organization where people give away anything they don't want in order to keep it from the landfill. It has to be free. All you need is a yahoo account. The family who gave us the lights are really nice people and it looks like we will be friends! Thanks so much, Tahoma!

Have a nice weekend and be thankful for all this rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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