Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My hubby belongs to a Barbershop Chorus that meets on Monday evenings. He rushes in from work long enough to grab a bite to eat, then rushes out again and drives out to the highway to get picked up and taken to practice. Then at 10 pm, my children and I walk the 1-mile hike down our dirt road and wait for him to be dropped off at the highway, then we all pile into his little Honda and ride home. It's lots of fun. We sing the whole way. Last night the moon was full and beautiful. It was warm enough that we didn't need to wear sweatshirts. I kept thinking of the last line in a well-known hymn, "the moon shines full at His command and all the stars obey." Yes, God even has command over the majestic moon.

Our Pastor was talking about the sovereignty of God this past Sunday. Ever since, I've been thinking about that and wondering how we as parents can teach our children about God's sovereignty. What pain and sorrow I could have avoided had I learned earlier in life to have the faith that God is in total control in my life. He cares about the small things as well as the big things. But I know that learning to have faith is a step by step process. It is our job as parents to remain faithful in praying for them.

Today Maggie made dinner while I took Lizzie to violin lesson. It was so delicious. Potato gnocchi and meatballs in special sauce. The food disappeared quickly. No leftovers tonight! We ate out on the porch since it was still warm...at least that's what the children said! Once the sun went down behind the trees, I felt the cold.

Anna moved all the fabric out of my sewing room into the basement so we can paint it. That is no small feat since I have too many bolts to count! But my sewing room is in the cellar in our basement and has no windows, making it too dark to cut out fabric. So our project is to paint the walls and add extra ceiling lights. Hopefully we will be rewarded for our efforts. I just hope the fabric doesn't absorb the fumes from the paint.

I hope you had a nice day, too. Sarah has been great helping me with this blog. She sure knows computers. We hope to keep working to make this blog easier for you readers.

Many blessings,


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