Monday, February 1, 2010

I was lazy yesterday and didn't take any snow pics. It's now been two days since the storm and much of it has melted thanks to our warm, sunny day. This is one of the dreaded hills on our dirt road. Not bad...unless you meet someone coming the opposite direction.
This is the second dreaded hill. I'd rather be driving it at night when I can see headlights coming. Two men in our neighborhood did the plowing...and a right nice job of it!
Lizzie took all these snow pics. We were coming home from violin lessons when I remembered I had my camera with me. The 75 acres along our road was logged this past fall, much to the neighborhood's dismay. The dense forests are now fields of spindly saplings. But the one good thing is that our road melted much quicker because of it.
Last night I stood at my window, mesmerized by the moonlight on our front lawn. I wanted so badly to grab my camera then...but I was very sleepy...and I especially don't take good nighttime pics. Even with the nighttime setting. That's it for the snow pics.
Today Ruthie and I dropped Allen, Lizzie and Anna off at piano lessons, then dropped Maggie off at therapy, then we ran errands at the library, Joann's Fabrics, and the thrift shop. Did we ever hit the jackpot at the thrift shop!! We bought the above pile of fabric for $10! The fabrics are so lovely! I figure there are about 30 yards total. The best part is that the fabrics smell nice. Sometimes the fabrics from thrift shops smell musty or smoky.
My favorite fabric from today's stash? These adorable bird fabrics.
This is Anna's favorite. She loves the sunflower fabrics.
Today I cooked a 23 lb turkey for dinner. It was painful to come home at 4:30 to the smell of roasting turkey and have to wait another two hours to eat. The smell was delicious...but we endured.

Yesterday I didn't do any laundry...a look what I had to face tonight! For a quick second I wished for spring weather so I could peg everything outside...and then I remembered we are getting a few more inches of snow tomorrow evening...and another snowstorm this weekend. I'll take the snow!

My friend Denise posted this hilarious comment on facebook yesterday: "When Reagan was President, we had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now that Obama is President, we have no Hope and no Cash!" I don't like to be disrespectful to our President...I post this only in jest. Our family prays for the President every night.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather MacQ said...

Kathie, I would LOVE the recipe for those avocado egg rolls! They look delicious. I can eat avocados all by themselves, so anything with avocado must be delicious in my book! I am envious of your fabric...which thrift shop did you find it at? Good buy!