Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hubby Mike and I spent the day together. First we stopped in Waldorf to eat at our favorite Korean restaurant. Then we left to go to Alexandria, VA. (I'll tell you why in a few minutes.) Our destination was the Torpedo Factory Art Center, about an hour and a half drive for us. What a fun place!
I tried to take a picture that shows the snowy conditions.
There is no place left to shovel the snow to! And Monday they are supposed to get 2-4 inchs of snow.
We were on the outskirts of Olde Town Alexandria. I love the old buildings.
There weren't many parking spaces thanks to the snow...but we found a dugout just a road away.
Inside the building are many little stores (82 artists and 6 galleries) that include pottery, textiles, sculpting, painting, etc.
I don't normally appreciate this kind of artistry, but there is something beautiful in this creativity. Maybe it's because I like most anything made from real wood.
I was surprised and disappointed to find no one spinning a wheel or quilting a quilt. This quilt was in a display window. I tried to get a good pic to show Anna.
I nearly jumped when I saw this huge 9-ft loom! Unfortunately, the weaver wasn't there...and I had many questions. Can you imagine weaving an 8-ft beadspread on this?!!

Our trip was wonderful. I missed my children terribly knowing how much they would enjoy seeing all the arts and crafts. Since the building is riverfront, Mike and I decided we will bring our children up on a nice spring day.
So the reason for the trip? To buy this Singer Featherweight for Ruthie. What a deal!! Normally these machines sell for $400-500 on eBay. We paid $245. I've been watching for a long time and it was worth the wait! The machine is in immaculate condition...not a scratch on it...which is very rare. The case looks brand new and even has the key! Many accessories came with it. To make the transaction perfect, the woman who sold us the machine was just as nice as could be. She is an artist in the Torpedo Factory, which is why we went there to buy the machine.

Was Ruthie happy? You betcha!! She has always wanted a little "kid-size" machine, but the $30 plastic cheapies never last more than a week.
The foot pedal is different. I can't wait to sit down and fiddle with it. What a blessing of a machine! My Dad has been cooking up a storm...and we are the happy recipients! In the past week we've had ham/green beans/potatoes, veggie steak soup, ham and beans soup, and spaghetti. Yummy! Dad says he's bringing chili next. The good thing is that we all love Grandaddy's cooking!
For the past year, my Wahl electric haircutter has been giving me a hard time. Allen hates likes to grab his hair and pull. I oil it regularly but it doesn't help. The blades are dull...but it is too expensive to get them sharpened. So when I was shopping in the Ross store recently, I saw the $29 model on sale for $ I grabbed it! Tonight I used it and it works like a charm. Now my 1989 Wahl will go to the recycle bin.

This morning, Mike and his brother Glen, went to pick up a free big-screen TV from a freecycle ad. Isn't it wonderful? We have been wanting one of these so we can have Video and Fellowship evenings with our friends. Now we can!
If you have ever wanted to take up weaving but can't afford the may be the time to buy. I enjoy looking at the loom ads on There are many great deals. The above loom is selling for $375! All you need is a large room or basement.

Tomorrow will be the first Sunday that we go to church after two weeks of snow cancellations. It will be nice to talk to our friends after we worship our Lord.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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hannah said...

Interesting to see about the Featherweight...I have one that was passed down from my grandmother's husband's first wife. It is in good condition as far as I can tell, but does not run. I haven't really checked into how to get it fixed, either for myself or to sell. I might just keep it, if not for using, for decoration? What would your thoughts be? :)