Saturday, January 30, 2010

More snow! Our local weatherman said we'd get 6-9" but four hours ago we had 11"...and it snowed heavily for a few hours after that. We even got more snow than my friends in the Shenandoah Valley! That is a rarity!
There's something about snow that motivates me to clean and cook. Remember the recipe for Avocado Eggrolls I wanted to try? They are delicious!

I finally found the tamarind at the Asian Market over in Great Mills. What a store! This container is about the size of a can of soda and cost $2.35. Tonight I got lots of help with my resident foodchoppers (Mike and Ruthie) and we made a double batch. Yummy! Everyone but Ruthie loved the eggrolls and sauce. Definitely a keeper recipe!
Like I said, snow motivates me to clean, so after I vacuumed my room and the two ceiling fans (yuck!) I decided to attack my computer. Our laptop has been very slow lately...mostly because our memory is almost filled up. But I was also suspicious about dust being trapped under the keyboard. So I got out my handy vacuum accessories and went to work. I love this 8-piece kit of micro attachments for vacuum. I bought this kit 10 years ago, and have used it to clean my sewing machines, pianos, and computers. You can buy this kit on for $7.97 plus shipping.
I was disgusted at how much lint was under my keys! I had to run downstairs and grab my sewing tweezers to pull the long strands of lint out. Which key was the dirtiest? Definitely the "D" key. I guess because it is surrounded the S,E, and R keys. Anyhow, I feel like a princess with my new, clean laptop!

My friend, Lydia, always has nice quotes on her facebook page. This is her latest quote, "Don't tell God how big your mountain is. Tell your mountain how big your God is."

My parents' church has already canceled tomorrow's services because of the snow, but our church is holding out so far. There's no way we're going anywhere. Mike walked out to the highway and it was still covered in snow...but the mailman made it through!

Enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow I will post some snow pictures. The weatherman let us know that we will be getting some more snow on Tuesday...and another possible major storm next weekend. Bring it on!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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