Friday, February 12, 2010

Have you ever wondered what non-sulphured apricots look like? They look rotten! Most organic food looks very different from the picture perfect foods in the grocery store. Our family loves dried fruit, especially apricots. There are many websites that give the dangers of eating sulphites.
Today we restocked the woodpile using the "drying out" method. The logs are still wet from snow, so we're hoping the sun dries them out before our upcoming snowstorm on Monday.
Lizzie finished her dress for baby Leah. Oh how I miss sewing little dresses!
This is the backside. The buttonholer gave Lizzie some trouble but it still looks nice.
Anna has been trying her hand at using my sewing machine with the longarm table. I wasn't able to get the quilting to show up, but if you look closely at the blue hexagons, you can see a hint of it. She did a fantastic job. Anna is trying to get enough practice so she can do a large quilt.
It's also hard to tell that Anna used this "Wavy Edge" on the above quilt. I love the way it turned out! I gave this template to Anna for her birthday last year.
I like the way we can hang all our templates and rulers on the side of our "remnant cart." As soon as we install lighting in our new sewing room, I'll share some pics with you.
My children went Kubota skiing today.
Yes, we are finally putting Mike's skis to use.
It's like snowskiing and water skiing at the same time.
So much fun!

Maggie and Sarah have finally given in to cabin fever, and tonight they headed to town. I doubt they will make it up the hill, so they will park out on the highway and walk the mile in. I don't envy them the hills. Mike has also gone out to pick Anna up from drivers' ed class. He barely made it up the hill earlier today, so we'll see what happens now that the ice has hardened. Added later: Everyone made it home safely...and in their cars!

My brother, Simba, was in an accident today and his heavy-duty, diesel pickup truck was totally destroyed. Some guy hit a patch of ice, spun out of control, then slammed into Simba...headon. So tonight my family is thankful that Simba is okay...but very sore. PTL

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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