Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lizzie took this picture of one of our many cardinals. I love the way they show up against the snow. I've counted 21 cardinals at one time. Lots of birdseed!
This morning we woke up to 2" additional snow. Because the trees were wet, the snow piled heavy on them giving them a Winter Wonderland look. I took this picture at 10 am and the sun was already melting the snow quickly.
As I drove past my parents' home, I quickly took a pic to see how the pond is freezing...NOT!
Today was a big day for Ruthie. Her cast came off! Since my children (and hubby!) wanted to know how it's done, I took pics. First they slide the long plastic piece all the way through. The plastic looks like strips of self-healing mats that are used with rotary cutters.
Next comes the loud saw. I am so glad I remembered to bring the ear protectors for Ruthie. I should've brought a second pair for myself. Loud!
Smile! Actually, Ruthie was forcing herself to smile because she was in pain. The doctor restated that this kind of fracture (a rammed wrist) is painful. Ruthie is very reluctant to use her hand still. When we got in the car, Ruthie cried like a baby. The stress of the loud saw and the pain of her wrist were too much for her. Glad it's all over!
I'm not sure how well you can tell what these pics are showing, but our neighborhood is having a rough time with our two hills. A few people have gotten stuck deeply. Mike had to rescue Sarah because her truck kept sliding backwards. It looks like she wasn't the only one.
This afternoon we met Sarah and Abigail in town and went shopping. Afterwards we went to Burger King for $1 meals, and introduced Abigail to the playground. No one else was there, so my children were able to climb with her. They had so much fun. Isn't she darling?!

Well, I'm off to take Anna to her nightly drivers ed class. She goes M-F from 6-9 pm for two weeks. I am always so glad when class is finally over!

Keep warm. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Cardinals against a backdrop of pure snow are always such a pretty sight!

Hope your daughters pain will go away soon.

The ruts in the ditch look deep. This winter has been extremely muddy with frequent snow storms so the ditches in our area have been having their share of activity too.