Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yesterday when Sarah went to drive her truck, she was dismayed to see Ranger sleeping on her wheel...with the engine running! She had to PULL the bad cat away. I guess we should start digging his grave in our huge pet graveyard. (Notice the scars on his nose...which is why we also call him Scarface!)

So what is your favorite caption for the bottom picture? (Photo credit: Sarah) These are ours:
"Pardon me, are you using this vehicle?"
"Not until you play with me!"
"The wheels on the truck go round and round."
"Excuse me but this tire is dirty."
"Just call me Mr. Tire."
"I work for the Truck Tire Inspection Station...you failed."
"Go ahead, bribe me."
"Your truck! What do you mean, your truck?!"
"Bad cat? Where? Where!"

A month ago I bought this Distinctive Decorative Daisy Stitch Foot for Anna thinking it would be a good birthday gift. Anna and Lizzie enjoy making quilted totes, and I think it would look wonderful to have some embroidered flowers sewn on.

Then we started talking about baby quilts, PINK baby quilts, and I thought it would be fun to embroider some flowers on the front. So I got out the new foot and spent all last night trying to figure it out. Every time I googled it, I got one blog post...and those are circles. I wanted flowers.
The directions are very simple...no details. I needed to find a blog with step-by-step photos, but couldn't find any. Half the problem is that this foot is called many things. Finally I googled Flower Foot and up came many posts...all from Australia! I guess it's popular down there.
I put the foot on my Viking machine...a low shank machine...but it wouldn't work. Reluctantly I put it on Anna's low shank Brother machine...and it worked. I had fun choosing multicolored threads. But I couldn't figure out how to determine where the center of the circle would start. I finally found directions in more detail on this blog here.
I also found this book by Dale Rollerson. Looks exciting...but the only place I can find this book is in Australia...and I don't want to pay the shipping fees. Added later: I just found out that it costs $15.82 total for the book + postage! My book it on its way!
When I found this picture on a blog called "Tracy's Creative Side," I thought this would be fun for Anna to sew on cardstock to make cards. I mentioned that to her...and her eyes lit up! So stay tuned for more on that.
One last mention about the Flower Stitch foot is this website that has a nice idea of making coasters with metallic designs using this foot.

For my family, there are pictures here of Simba's truck accident (his is the beige truck in pic #1). The other guy (blue truck) sure was fortunate to walk away.

The snow is slowly melting away. Our driveway is one long mile of ruts and mud. In the mornings it is an icy path that is slick. We need another snowstorm!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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