Monday, February 8, 2010

I haven't had much to write about lately other than snow, snow, snow!

We started out this week with a few inches leftover from last week's storm. Then on Saturday we got a bunch more. We measured 21 inches about 5 hours before the storm ended.

I just love snow. Plenty of firewood, plenty of food, plenty of time just to enjoy the scenery. Much to be thankful for.

The neighborhood men kept their tractors going all day trying to plow the road.
Today I had no trouble getting out to get Maggie to her appt.

On Sunday morning I put two briskets in the oven, then set up a batch of sourdough dinner rolls. Around 4 pm, I started sauteing some brussel sprouts with olive oil and garlic salt...yummy! Several of us kept sneaking a few sprouts...they were so good. Well, I've decided that is the best way to eat brussel sprouts...straight from the pan...because by the time I got them to the table they were bitter. Someone happened to open the toaster oven and found the chestnuts Mike had roasted the evening before...and forgot about! They were a little dried out...but yummy!Today when I took Maggie to town, we saw the snowplow posts sticking only a foot above the snow. I don't know if every state uses these but our county uses them to guide the snowplows. It's always exciting to see the posts appear in late fall...and just as exciting to see them disappear! I enjoy the change of seasons here in Maryland where we have four distinct seasons.
It was nice to see someone had a sense of humor. There were many of these "guides" knocked out!
Our town experienced two major collapses this past storm. This building was part of a thriving moving business. The second collapse happened at a local catholic school, St. John's. The entire library was destroyed. My children played in many piano recitals that were held there, so we have good memories of that building. We lost power twice during the storm. The first time for a half-hour, the second time for an hour. It was nice eating a candlelight dinner! I kept an eye on our local electric website watching the map of local outages. As of tonight there are only 22 homes left in southern Maryland with no electric...much better than the high of 8500 during the worst of the storm.
Two Sundays ago (when we were last able to go to church before the two Saturday storms!) we visited with a church friend, Mrs. Jane. She showed us her hopechest full of handpieced quilts. So inspiring! Mrs. Jane's favorite quilt is the Lone Star and the Broken Star (a Lone Star variation). When we left, Mrs. Jane gave us a bunch of quilting books and magazines, and crochet patterns. Wow! Anna and I have spent a lot of time poring over them. Thanks so much, Mrs. Jane.

One of the reasons I enjoy having my children talk with Mrs. Jane is that she is always relating how the Lord is working in her life, or how He provided for her in some way, or something similiar. Our family is very blessed to have many godly, elderly folks in their lives. I also appreciate the way she talks so lovingly about her late husband, Mr. Joe.

We are preparing for yet another storm tomorrow. We are unsure how much snow to expect...the reports are all usual. Nevertheless, we restocked our empty woodpile, and tomorrow I will refill the two 5-gallon drinking thermoses. And hope for the who 20" that Baltimore is expecting!

Hope you are enjoying your part of the country. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Kathie, your home looks very pretty in the snow! I noticed all the windows you have to wash...and curtains, too! (I just finished washing all our curtains downstairs so that's why the windows caught my eye!)

Our closest neighbor and we put up snow poles (tall green metal ones) from the bottom of our long drive to the top. But I often worry that our car will slide into one of them and create worse havoc!

We're calling for more snow today, too. I haven't been able to get down our hill. The kids took a look at the bottom half that never gets sun and didn't think it was safe for me to venture out because I'd never be able to get back up...and that's a long steep walk! So...two appointments have gotten cancelled this week.

Brussel sprouts...I've only had them once in my life and that was when I visited a family for a meal before Tom and I were married. I've never known someone else to fill your plate before, but I sat down at the table and the hostess had filled everyone's plate with what she wanted each person to have. Hmm...what are these little green sprouty things? I thought I would never finish them. That was my first and last acquaintance with brussel sprouts. But when you described snitching some from the cooking pan they actually sounded appetizing. :)

What a blessing to have older people in your children's lives. I know you've had fun with the magazines, too.

Well, it looks like I had a lot to say today! Maybe it's from being snowbound for so long! LOL!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

You all are sure getting a lot of snow this winter. Stay warm and safe.