Friday, February 19, 2010

Today was a big day for us...our annual Valentine's Day tea! We were supposed to have it last week but it got snowed out. When we were driving out on our driveway, I took two pictures. We either have lots of potholes as in this pic...
...or lots of snow that turns to slick ice as soon as the sun goes down. I prefer the ice...the potholes are deep!
I took this pic as I backed out of the garage. Today celebrates our two-week anniversary of the snowstorm and we still have a bit of it. Unbelievable. Do you see my sheets hanging up on the porch? Yesterday it was blustery and I found the sheets on the ground. So this morning I re-washed them and pegged them with lots of clothespins. I'm glad to say it is rare that anything blows off.
Today's tea party included 21 ladies. Sonya had three tables set up in her living room, dining room, and family room. This is Ruthie's table. (Church folks will also recognize Hannah, Sarah, and Hannah 2.) I think we had two Hannahs, 2 Annas, and three Sarahs.
This is Lizzie's room. (Church folks will also recognize Jenna, Rebekah, and Cici.) I am thankful that my daughters can still find like-minded friends and enjoy being young ladies. What a blessing.
And this is Maggie and Anna's room. (Church folks will also see Rachel.) What a fun bunch of girls. This was our fourth year coming to the tea. One year it was 84 degrees and the youngest girls went outside to play kickball. Not today!

The menu was delicious ~ chicken salad sandwiches, fruit plates, bowls of grapes, and 7-layer bean dip (my contribution). For dessert we had chocolate mousse balls and cake (Maggie and Lizzie's contribution).

I really enjoyed the way Sonya folded up this quilt she inherited and displayed it on the mantel. The pattern is Grandma's Flower Garden ~ one of my favorites.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship. Ruthie's table made a cute craft, and Lizzie's table read poems. Lizzie chose a short and sweet poem that our entire family loves:

Tea Party

I had a little tea party, this afternoon at three.
Twas very small, three guests in all: I, Myself, and Me.
Myself ate up the sandwiches, while I drank up the tea,
Twas also I who ate the pie and passed the cake to me!

~ Jessica Nelson North

Enjoy your weekend. Ours will be so busy...I'm hesitant to start it!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tea party. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.