Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, we're in the mist of Blizzard #2 this season, so of course I feel like cooking. Besides, I wanted to write a post before the electric goes out! I bought this Tandoori Chicken mix at the local amish bent and dent store. I find the oddest things at that store!
This morning I defrosted a bunch of skinned, boned chicken breasts, and marinated in the tandoori mixture: 1 packet spices, and 1/2 cup each of olive oil, vinegar, and yogurt. The spices smell heavenly! (Instead of yogurt, I used tofutti sour cream.) I can barely wait to bake these for dinner.
I bought another mix to try...anyone ever make potato dumplings? Since I like anything from Knorr, I thought I'd get Ruthie to make these. Ruthie is our very own resident Chicken n Dumplings expert. Delicious!
Right now the blizzard is raging outside. The wind is really howling...and supposed to get worse. I am keeping a close eye on the electric outages around the county. Up to 411 right now. I am upset that my hubby is out on the road with his chainsaw. A neighbor called to say a tree was down. My opinion is that blizzards are the time to stay indoors. AFTER the blizzard is the time to cut fallen trees. But hubby doesn't want to seem like a deadbeat neighbor. Isn't that better than a dead hubby?! Sometimes it is frustrating to have a lot of common sense!
Yesterday I left my home at 8:15 am and returned at 4:30 pm. Maggie had two appts, and Ruthie had one. (I had to take Ruthie in because she's been complaining about pain in her foot and knee...and the doc thinks she may have hurt them when she broke her shoulder in her motorcycle accident. We're waiting to hear back about the x-rays, and now Ruthie is signed up for physical therapy. More appts!)

Anyhow, there was some time between appts for shopping and browsing around. We saw the above bumper sticker and thought that was funny.

This was another funny bumper sticker.
We had to be careful where we walked. Water was dripping from everywhere...and occasionally there were big snowslides. We saw this slide waiting to happen at the Dollar Tree store.Ruthie and I had a two hour wait for Maggie's therapy appt, so we enjoyed petting a little cutie puppy named Zena. Zena belongs to one of the therapists. I always feel sorry for her being cooped up in the car M-F. So playful, too.
This past month I found these two vintage canning jars at the thrift shop. Both cost 25 cents. The jar on the left had been entirely painted...but I took care of that problem with paint remover. I wonder which brand was more popular, Atlas or Ball. My gut instinct says Ball.
My mil sent me an email this week with this picture in it. The large cat looks just like our cat, Ranger...but I cannot imagine him snuggling up to any other cat! And Ranger used to love sleeping in our sink.

My funny facebook quote today comes from my friend Krista, "Family is a lot like peanut takes a lot of of sugar to hold all of the nuts together."

School is done. The wind is howling. The scenery outside my window is complete whiteout. I'm gonna go make sure hubby returned safely from his tree-cutting.

Sarah's friend, Rebekah, gave birth to her little blessing yesterday. We are so thankful for a safe birth and a beautiful boy. I love modern technology...instant pictures!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Susan said...

I haven't seen a good snow storm in a long while. It would be nice if you would share instead of keeping it all in Maryland. :-)