Saturday, February 27, 2010

This morning we went to a lovely baby shower for our good friends, Adina and Bernard. What fun we had! Little Clara Victoria is beautiful. (Clara rhymes with Laura.) I couldn't wait to hear what Adina had named her. Adina is from Romania and is very "old world." As I expected, her name is beautiful...and little Clara is four days old today!

Adina's midwife is located in northern VA, so they had an hour and 15 minute drive. Baby Clara was born in the jacuzzi as underwater birth. Adina said it was a perfect birth. PTL

Ruthie stitched up two receiving blankets.
The gifts went in this gift bag. I think the notecard idea is so creative!
And Lizzie stitched up this quilt. We didn't know until Friday that the baby is a girl, so Lizzie found some pink binding to stitch on the side. (We were having trouble deciding what color the binding should be.)
The fabrics came from Joann's fabrics. We are so pleased with the outcome that we've decided to get some more of these fabrics for future quilts.
The luncheon was very tasty. The Boston Cream cupcakes were a favorite.
The meal featured quiche with many different salads. Everything was delicious. According to the ladies, this is a typical Presbyterian lunch. Yummy! Maybe we should convert?!
The mantel had cute baby toys. What a smart idea.
Adina is a very warm person and now she is a superb Mommy. I am so pleased that she has a large circle of friends to support her.
And this is the proud Daddy wih the star of the show. Baby Clara slept the whole time. I got to hold her!! But she was getting hungry, so it was a short but sweet moment.
There were 25 ladies there...many of them old friends. I knew everyone but a few, so it was another afternoon of catching up on old friendships. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Thank you for your friendship, Adina and Bernard. And thank you Lord for their testimonies.

Sarah and Anna went to a "women's day" at church. They are due home any minute. I can't wait to hear how that went.

Now it's time to do some cleaning while preparing my heart for tomorrow's sermon. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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