Thursday, February 25, 2010

I can't believe the week is gone already...and nary a blog post from me. I am weary tonight but I thought I'd make an attempt at writing about this past week. Last Saturday we went to a delightful party for friends of ours, Natalie and Laura. They are twins, and they just turned twenty. Natalie and Laura look like Maggie, so when they are together we call them the triplets.

There were many friends at the party, so it was a fun reunion. On the way to the party, we had to go over the Solomon's bridge. The water was so calm and serene I couldn't help snapping a picture.

This week has been busy with all the usual lessons, appts and chores. Our family has also been reading a lot lately. I thought I'd give you a glimpse. First off, we're all reading the Bible...of course. No born-again believer can grow without reading the Bible.

I personally read the book of Esther twice. What did I glean from my readings? All week I have been meditating on Mordecai's challenge to Esther: that God is going to perform His perfect work. He can accomplish that through you...or someone else. The choice is up to you.

Hubby dear has been having fun reading this Math book. I asked him if this is a must-read book. He assured me it is a book only for geeks. PTL!
Mike and Allen read this bee book about the collapse of the honeybee and the ramifications of that. Both guys agree everyone should read this book. Lots of food for thought.
I have been reading mostly magazines lately, but I just picked this book up at the thrift shop yesterday, and it looks compelling. I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished. This is the summary on the back cover:

Hank Hanegraaff documents the danger of looking for God in all the wrong places and goes behind the scenes into the wildly popular and bizarre world of contemporary revivalism. Hanegraaff masterfully exposes the stark contrast between these deeds of the flesh and a genuine work of the Spirit by contrasting modern revivals with the scriptural examples of God's movement among His people.
Maggie has been reading this book...and I've read it too. You won't eat another soy product after reading this book!
It looks like we will be doing the thrift shop/Burger King routine with Sarah and Abigail every week. Sounds good to me! (But I am sick of BK food already.) Abigail fed herself yogurt.
We would ask Abigail, "Where are the cousins?" And she would smile and raise her shoulders to her ears. So cute!
Today Abigail put away all her fears and climbed to the top of the playground. She loved looking out at us.
Early Thursday morning we got a call from Walter Reed's Pain Management office asking us to come up for an appt. So we quickly arranged to do Maggie's appts on Friday, then off we sped. I felt so blessed...there was hardly any traffic.

I kept thinking back to last year when Maggie would go to these appts. She would stare out the window all the way home. Then I would hold her all evening while she cried. Well, not anymore!! Yesterday, Maggie sang and talked. What an answer to prayer. We even stopped at a huge thrift shop across the street from Andrews Air Force base. Wow...the above picture shows one of a dozen or so aisles. It was so much fun!

Lizzie, Ruthie and I will be going to a baby shower tomorrow, so Ruthie and Lizzie are both sewing up a storm. Lizzie is making a quilt, Ruthie is sewing two receiving blankets. I will take pics when they are done. The shower was supposed to be a surprise...but Adina had the last laugh by having the baby on Wednesday. A darling girl! And she still wants to have the shower tomorrow. We can hardly wait!

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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