Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ask and you shall receive! Just look at this snowstorm! Yep...we are in the 8-12" spot.I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture earlier today. We now have between 4 and 5 inches...and it's coming down steadily. Ruthie wiped off all the railings, so you can't see how high the snow is. Tomorrow I'll make sure to take a daylight picture.

This morning Mike left for sunny California for two weeks. He can't believe he's missing the snowstorm of the year! We have my Dad to thank for the snow. He just came home from Texas yesterday...and snow follows my Dad everywhere.

For the past two weeks, Dad has been fishing and enjoying 80 degree weather on North Padre Island, Texas. One day he called and said it was terrible weather. "Yeah," he said "We all got sunburned. Just terrible weather!"

This morning we stayed home and watched some videos from Vision Forum. The weather was lousy, and I keep coughing because of some cheese I accidentally ate this week. I sound like I have a cold. Every once in a while I read a blog from a guy out west. His website is called Adventures of a Buffalo. I enjoy reading his blog because he has great buffalo pictures, but he is as liberal as they come. Anyhow, his blog is easy reading and I learn a lot about buffaloes, frontiersmen, and native americans.
This year I joined Facebook online. I only did it because many people would write to Sarah and ask her if she were my daughter. Well, I rarely looked at who was writing...until recently. I joined a group from the ranch where I spent many summers, and I've been having a wonderful time catching up on old friends.

Since some of us have posted a bunch of pictures (202 so far!), we've been trying to name everyone in the photos. I thought you'd enjoy the above typical of our skits. These two gals were poking fun at the head counselor (who was one of the girls' dad). Oh, how I loved that camp!

I guess piano and violin lessons are off because of the snow. Maggie has 4 appts on Tuesday, so I hope something melts before then!

Enjoy your new week. It's my turn to be both Mom and Dad, so you can be sure I will be thanking God for my husband...and a host of other things. So much to be thankful for...that's for certain and for sure.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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