Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whew! That's about all I can say about yesterday's monthly cookout at Saysf. This was by far the hardest meal we have ever helped my Dad cook. The good thing is that we are all unanimous about never doing breakfast again! Here we are at Ruby Tuesday for lunch. I forgot to take a picture of my was delicious! I got an appetizer for my meal called Guacamole Plate. It was a huge amount (enough for Maggie and me) and it was delicious. Do I daresay it was as good as Rositas in Texas?!

I was bemoaning the fact that I forgot to take a picture of my guacamole, so Mike said he'd take me back to get one. I'll definitely take him up on that!

We used 4 crockpot/slowcookers yesterday. Couldn't have done it without them. I googled "cooking breakfast for 100 people" and got some ideas from that. I remembered from my days as a camp cook that you don't let scrambled eggs touch any aluminum or they'll turn green. Well, the website said nonstick would be okay. Wrong! We kept the eggs warm in a nonstick slowcooker...and they turned green. But they all got eaten...but I did hear a lot of "Oh good! Green eggs and ham!" I had to take this picture of Mike because this is what he did in college...cooked breakfast for his fraternity. I am so glad I brought my pancake dispenser...kept everything nice and clean.The only sad thing about yesterday was that Darling Abby wasn't able to come. Her Momma said they would only come if Darling took a nap. Oops...I bet Darling gets that from hanging around our family!My brother Floyd always has impeccable timing. He showed up just in time to eat! We served scrambled eggs, ham, scrapple, bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles, english muffins, bagels, sourdough biscuits, hashbrown potatoes, gravy (looked yummy!), fruit salad, and...chicken noodle soup (don't ask).
I saw Floyd eat several platefuls. Floyd is the only 45 year old man I know who still has to eat to keep his weight up. Can you imagine! Do you like this wagon wheel coffee table? The camp that I worked at for 10 years is having a fundraiser and selling off some of the founder's memorabilia on eBay. The auctions start on Monday. I think the horseshoes are wonderful! Check River Valley Ranch's website for more info.

Well, Sarah is on spring vacation this week, but it's been a hard working week for her...early morning meeting, working, teaching at homeschool co-op, etc. I thought she would sleep in this morning, but she woke up and took all my children down to the naval base for bowling. Wow! I have the whole house to myself.

I have both washing machines humming, both dishwashers filled and running, 4 loads of laundry pegged outside, the robot is vacuuming the music room, and I'm taking a break with this post. I am looking out over our field and I'm anxious to get busy planting seed potatoes and asparagus. Soon!

On the way home from church last night, we listened to David Jeremiah on the radio. Dr. Jeremiah has been preaching a series on biblical prophecy for awhile now. Fascinating stuff!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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