Monday, March 30, 2009

This past Saturday evening we went to LaPlata to hear the Southern Mix Barbershop chorus sing. It was a wonderful time. Since Mike was a member of this chorus for 8 years, it was like seeing family.
Anna has been keeping busy piecing these quilt blocks out of purple fabrics. For some reason, my camera has distorted the purples a little. I can't wait to see how Anna uses these in a quilt!

My busy week last week ended with a busy weekend. We had the Barbershop concert on Saturday, then I spent all night Saturday night in the emergency room with Ruthie. When it rains it pours. Ruthie had a tick in her ear that I just couldn't get out. I tried irrigating it, but no luck. I felt a little better that the ER Doctor was just as perplexed. (She actually asked me what I thought she should do!! I told her I only knew what I read on the internet, and she told me that was what she was gonna do!) So tomorrow we have an appt with an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor.

Poor Ruthie's ear is raw from so many nurses and doctors all trying to help her out. BTW, Tick season is in full swing, so lookout...and for those copperheads who are shedding their old skin...which makes them blind but fiesty for a few days.
These crocks are my latest find at the thrift shop. Cost me $1 each. I think I will leave the piggies on. I usually get out my paint remover for projects like this, but I like these little piggies. The big crock is a gallon, the smaller a quart.Well, the time has come. Every spring when I put away this snowman that Mrs. Bonnie gave me five years ago for helping her with Sunday School, my children all boohoo me. But today I declared that spring is here, so I washed Mr. Snowman and put him away. No more snowstorms. No more gummy bears.
Mike's brother, Glenn, has come over twice for dinner this week after helping Mike with a project. Glenn is just as easy as Mike when it comes to eating ~ anything with sourdough rolls!

I haven't gotten much done thanks to extra mothering. Hopefully I will be able to tackle some projects soon. Especially quilting. Take a peek at my friend, Deb's quilt projects here at Mountain Musings.

Monday is over. Now I can enjoy my week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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