Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know everyone is tired of looking at snow pictures by now, but I've been too busy to post mine.
This is the only bad part about getting so much snow...the dangerous road.
I tiptoed out and measured 15" in two different places. My neighbor did the same. I think we get so much because we are up on a knoll. Anyhow, the rest of the county got between 11 and 12".
I hope I never tire of looking at snow. Isn't it wonderful the way God chose to make snow white and beautiful? He could have easily designed snow so that it absorbed all the dirt in the atmosphere...then we would have black snow everywhere to remind us of our sin. Ugh!
This is the only part of snow I don't like...the dangerous road. Anna took this picture. You can only hope that no one is coming up while you are going down.
This picture is for my friend, Lee, who asked me what mayonnaise we use since we are allergic to egg whites. These three mayonaises are available at our Walmart supercenter, and contain only egg yolk...and they don't taste half bad. (My favorite is Duke's.) There is a 4th mayonaise that is in the Mexican food section that is lime flavored. I like it but my children don't. Hope this helps!

Yesterday was a very busy day, so Maggie's birthday was lowkey. I love this picture of Maggie. At one time, Maggie had 12 bunnies. Now she is down to five. But for all of her growing up years, Maggie was the one person responsible for the 12 bunnies. She fed them daily and kept their cages clean. No small feat. So for her birthday, I found this adorable bunny hutch from Target:
Isn't it cute?! These are dollhouse toys that are part of a large collection of very different but realistic toys.
I also gave Maggie an automatic soap dispenser from Superhuman, and a cute little bolero jacket that was too small (for which Lizzie is the happy recipient!). One good thing about having 5 daughters...there is always someone that will fit into whatever I buy!

Sarah, Anna, Lizzie and Ruthie spent the week in the sewing room making gifts for Maggie. I will show you their gifts tomorrow...after I take pictures...after I recharge my batteries.

We had a nice dinner with Mom, Dad, and cousin Dustin. I guess we had a lot of fun because we were too busy to take pictures. Today we have one appt in the afternoon, so it's a slow day.

The one good thing about having 7 appts each week is that I get a lot of time to listen to the radio. Our town has a good station (88.1 for you locals) that is the FBN (Fundamental Broadcast Network) that I call my Sword of the Lord station. Anyhow, I've gotten to listen to Lester Roloff most days. I enjoy listening to his sermons (10:30 am). He sounds like a grandfather who loves me and is concerned for my soul. This week he is focusing on the verse, "Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me." (Ps 51:10) Mr. Roloff is tying this verse with his theme of spring cleaning.

Enjoy the last of the snow before this weekend's warm temps melt it all away. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather MacQ said...

i never tire of snow or snow pictures...bring them on!