Thursday, February 26, 2009

Allen passed his testing on Thursday. He now has a stripe on his Orange belt. We are so proud of him!
It was painful to watch Allen during his sparring routine. He had a stuffy nose and could barely breathe...and he had to wear a mouthpiece that cut off his oxygen supply. But he braved through!

He did it! This was the back kick...hard to do. Next time he has to do this kick in the air!
Tonight our church is hosting a Fireproof evening with a free spaghetti dinner and movie. Guess who is cooking the spaghetti dinner?!
So last night we precooked all the spaghetti, sliced all the bread...

...and added meat to the sauce, and put it back in the jars. I studied several websites about cooking for 100 people, and they all recommended precooking the pasta. Now that it's done, I'm so glad I did. It was a hot job! Besides that, my Viking range has 10x more BTUs than the church's stoves, so the job went pretty quickly.

For the past 9 years, I have been meaning to plant asparagus in my garden, but I always wait until March to go seed shopping...and miss out on the asparagus plants. I prefer to get my bulk seeds at Southern States. Good prices and good quality. When was the last time you got that?!

I bought 30 packages that have 8 roots each. We have a 4 acre field that I hate to mow, so this spring my goal is to expand my garden a bunch. This should be a good start!

I also bought one package of horseradish roots that I plan to plant in a half barrel. Horseradish will take over your garden if you're not careful, so hopefully it will be contained in the barrel. If you'd like some this summer, stop by!

I also bought 32 packages of gladiolus at the dollar store. There are 6 bulbs in a package. Walmart sells these 6/$3.99. The dollar store bulbs are much healthier.
This morning I experimented with my sourdough biscuits. I forgot to set out my batter overnight, so I made it this morning. Yuk. Even though everyone else in my family liked them, I think they were hockey pucks.

Mike is off to the farmer's market to get strawberries for tonight's strawberry shortcake. I am giving my children the day off from heavy chores because I know they will be working hard tonight. Just feeding the pets. Sarah is in charge of the free childcare tonight, so she is busy organizing who will be babysitting who...forty-eight children!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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