Friday, March 13, 2009

I know I've written about the upcoming Bible Bee this September, but I found out recently that the awards are pretty substantial...$100K for first prize! This could pay for 4 years of college and a few missions trips. Click here for the list of awards, then go sign up!

Maggie is having a terrible week with pain. Her therapist isn't sure what is causing it...either her new accupuncturist or the ultrasound treatments. Nevertheless, the only thing that gives her relief are hot compresses. Since it was taking too long to heat our homemade rice-filled tube socks in the oven, I decided to buy a microwave oven. So I let my request be known to the Lord, then went to the thrift shop and bought the perfect small microwave for $10. Thank you, Lord!

I haven't had a microwave for years...for two reasons. First, I hate giving up my countertop or pantry space, and secondly, because of the growing concerns of eating microwaved foods. Click here for more info on the dangers of eating microwaved foods. This is one of hundreds of websites. There is a reason why there is a growing number of children with asthma, autism, and food allergies.

My great aunt Sarah embroidered this lovely picture for my Sarah when she was born. Unfortunately, because there was no glass to protect it, this picture got quite dirty over the past 21 years. I tried to take this cloth to three dry cleaners but no one would touch it. Then I studied several websites online that made it sound easy. I followed the directions, and sure enough, when it came out of the solution, it looked beautifully clean; however, when it dried, it bled. I am so disappointed. Fortunately, Sarah says that's okay, it just adds to the vintage appeal. Oh well. I will now put a piece of glass in the frame.

Last Monday, I was driving down the highway and saw a huge pile of boxes and toys stacked up with a sign saying free. It was leftovers from a huge yardsale. At first I passed by...then I did a u-turn! I was able to find 16 pairs of denim jeans!! The past two evenings I relaxed while cutting out all the useable parts including the pockets. So much fun! Now I have a large stack to cut squares, diamonds and strips for quilting and weaving. What a treat!

Anyone need a camcorder? The folks at are selling this one worth $650 for $160! We've bought a dozen things from this website and never been disappointed.

When I was a child, my Dad had to travel often for work. He usually tried to come home for weekends, but not always. I don't ever remember him calling home. If he did, it was short and sweet...and he only talked to Mom. Long distance was expensive, not for chatting on about daily events.

So it always amazes me to watch today's children keep in touch with their Daddies via email. All throughout the day they are chatting away with him.

One of our family's favorite Bonanza episodes is when Ben Cartwright comes home from a long trip and Hoss meets him at the stagecoach.
"How are things?" Ben asks.
"Oh fine, Pa. Burned the barn down, but everything's fine."
"Just kidding, Pa."

Anyhow, when my children found out their Daddy was being delayed in California this weekend, they decided to let him know how needed he was here in Maryland. (BTW, the reason for Mike being delayed is because his navy jet is broken, so his students aren't getting their flying accomplished. Back here in Maryland, broken navy jets is also way too typical.)

Here's the letter:


We're all so sad to hear you're not coming home tomorrow.

You'd better bring home some more socks, Maggie's using all of yours for rice bags, and while you're at it, get some more latex gloves, mommy and I have been using them for the paint remover, and by the way since I fried the extention strip you could get that too, and some more yarn to go with that loom you're bringing home, ollie says hi (woof woof) and says you'd better get a new bed, yours is just too crowded already.

We also found out that your tractor goes backward when you put it in reverse, it also doesn't go sideways when the bucket is all the way up, you might want to get some orange paint when you go to walmart for the white paint for your Honda, it's okay, just a scratch, we can't wait for you to get back, we're hoping you can smooth the neighbors over, they seemed to get really upset after we sunk the go kart in the road mud (thats how the tractor got broken) oh yeah, we also sold the BMW, and it only cost us 40 bucks (mom said it was a steal).

We set up the pool in the basement and we're having lots of fun...but the ceiling is kinda sagging...but worth the fun. The pipes leaked all over your desk but the water is contained to your area. Maggie's honeybees got delivered early, but don't worry, they love your closet. We duct taped under the door. Allen's fishtank burst, so they're in the tub.

We didn't take Lizzie to the hospital after that close shave with the tree, but we are down two fruit trees and some raspberry bushes, Lizzie's been really wild on the dirt bike, now we have to find another pole to put our birdhouse on, speaking of birds, mom said you had some extra glass (if you don't you could bring some home) we had a huge wood pecker run into our window, now there's a big hole, we covered it up with duct tape so it will hold until you get back.
well, will save the rest of the problems until you get home,

love you,

all the kids

Lizzie made these tasty blueberry muffins this morning to go with our oatmeal. They are so delicious!

We woke up to heavy snowfall, but now there isn't a flake in sight. Just yesterday I was driving by my amish neighbors in their fields, and thinking spring was almost here. Not so!

My children are practicing their special music for church on Easter. Sounds beautiful. This time I will be sure to get a good recording to post here on my blog.

Keep warm, think spring. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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