Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This morning I took Ruthie to the Navy's Medical Clinic on base to get some pictures...x-ray pictures! On Monday morning after violin lessons, Ruthie was running downhill on an asphalt road (wearing crocs) and fell. She got lots of scrapes and bruises, and kept holding her left wrist. She didn't cry but said her scrapes sure stung.
For two days Ruthie kept icepacks on her wrist and kept her arm in a sling. This morning she said she was still in pain, so off to the clinic. Sure enough, it's broken. This is our family's first cast.

Going to the clinic was fun. We got to see Crystal and Xavier like we always do (we couldn't plan it if we tried!). The Lieutenant wrapped Ruthie's arm in a temporary cast, then made an appt with the local orthopedics Dr for a permanent cast.
The nice part of this whole deal is that Mike took us out to lunch! (Anna was with us since she had a chiropractor appt.) We chose Ruby Tuesdays. This is Mike's Chicken Chili.

And this is my salsa plate. Yes...the guacamole is a funny color green/brown. The last time I had this dish it was very fresh. Today it tasted and looked old...but still good. While we were eating at Ruby Tuesday's, my Dad went and picked up Sarah, Maggie, Allen, and Lizzie, and took them to a Mexican restaurant in Leonardtown. He even had Natalie and darling Abby meet them there. Boo hoo!

So this afternoon I am one grateful Momma:
~ Thankful to be able to afford medical care
~ Thankful for my Dad to take care of my children (even though they would've been fine by themselves, it sure made them feel loved)
~ Thankful that Ruthie's break wasn't a bad break

I'm also thankful that a special nurse at Pax River, "Miss Virginia," found a way to squeeze Ruthie in when there were no appts available, thus saving us hours of waiting in the ER of the local hospital.

Two years ago, Ruthie had a bunch of warts on her hands, so our Dr gave her a prescription for Tagamet, which is used to stimulate the immune system. Well, the dosage he gave her was wrong, so she ended up overstimulating her immune system. So everytime Ruthie ate the slightest bit of dairy or egg, or even got a headcold, she ended up in the hospital. She stayed in the hospital four times in four months, until the medicine wore off.

The fourth time Ruthie was in the hospital, I had taken her to the clinic on base, but they couldn't control her wheezing. Ruthie and I took our third ambulance ride over to the hospital. Two weeks later, when going back to the clinic for a followup appt, one of the Drs hugged Ruthie and started crying. He told me that when he had put Ruthie in the ambulance that day, he did not think she would make it to the hospital. He grabbed two other nurses that he knew were Christians, and they prayed until they got the news that Ruthie had arrived at the hospital (8 minutes later).

As this Dr was telling me this, he had tears streaming down his face. I had no idea how ill my baby had been...thankfully. I had been more concerned about the ambulance going the speed of heat!

So Ruthie is well-known in our clinic and in the ER.

One other thing, today I was told that I am known for being a Mom who only takes her children to the clinic if they are very sick or hurt. I don't know if that is a compliment or not...but I am thankful that my reputation got us an appt!

Hope your day was not as dramatic. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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