Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday were so busy for me that last night I asked the girls to go do one of my favorite things...sit on my Mother's Day Glider (as we call it) out in the woods. Balm to my soul. This picture is misleading because it was pitch black outside. We had sweatpants under our clothes, and mittens and hats, so we were able to stay out for 45 minutes until we got cold.

The quietness was just what I needed. We were led to sing, How Great Thou Art. There were only a few stars out.
We have a little playhouse that gets toasty with one lantern burning, so we've decided to fix up the inside for more outings. (Besides, my glider only seats 3.)
Yesterday at the thrift shop, I bought this lamp for $3 for a Christmas gift for Allen. However, I asked him to make sure it worked. We were so fascinated by it that we have yet to put it away. For you local folks, the thrift shops are full nowadays.
I love the way this lamp lights up a dark room.
I'll show you a few of the things we did Tues and Wed in addition to the usual lessons and appts. This is Maggie getting her traction treatment at Physical Therapy on base. She spends 15 minutes on this, then 15 minutes with a warm pad wrapped around her neck.
When we went to get our allergy shots, we met Sir Earl in the navy clinic. Sir Earl was visiting the children in daycare. He had a magnificent voice.
On Tuesday, Dad took Maggie and Anna to spend the day with him. They visited dear Abby and Natalie. Abby's latest funny moment is when anyone is holding her. She laughs and coos...but if Natalie speaks, Abby gets a serious look on her face and turns her head until she finds Momma. I can just imagine.
They all went to check on "the boys" who are still working on their new house. They've built this floorplan many times.
Of course, they went to El Charro Grande for lunch. Each person gets a large meal so they have extras to bring home to their siblings and Momma. Yummy! Both of these plates are considered to be one meal! Fajitas on the first plate...
...and beans and guacamole on the second plate. FYI, no guacamole ever makes it to the doggy bag:-) This lunch entree with beef and chicken is $8, or $10 if you add shrimp.
Here they are. Mike met them for lunch, so he took this picture.
On Wednesday morning, Lizzie and I went over to the home of my friend, Heather, to help her unload the truck from Frankferd Farms Foods. This is a health food company that delivers food to our co-op. We take turns unloading each month.
This is the sign on the side of their truck.
Anyhow, I always enjoy driving over to Heather's home because of the scenic countryside.
There are barns and farmhouses.
And this is a B&B called the Victorian Candle. It has 8 rooms for rent.
Click on the picture, or here to see their webpage. If you'd like to see what the individual rooms look like, click on "rooms" on the left side of the webpage. Very interesting. I like the Rose Room best.

Maggie had 5 great days in a row this past week, but now she is feeling pain again. She was supposed to have a treatment this week, but there were no available appts. Monday she has her next appt.

We will be busy today getting ready for our bonfire. We have to move a table and a bunch of chairs. The menu is the same for bonfires all over the country...hotdogs, beans and marshmallows, along with hot chocolate, tea and coffee.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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