Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We tried to think of a witty caption for this picture but our ideas were corny. Can you think of one? I'd love to hear it. I never tire of watching our muscovy ducks.
Yesterday we had a nice trip to Dad's farm. This farm is just for investment purposes. It is 24 acres off Medley's Neck Road in Leonardtown.
These first two pictures show one of the two pastures, and two of the four outbuildings.
This gazebo overlooks the pasture.
There are three houses that all look like this first one. No, they aren't farmhouses...just plain ranchstyle houses.
One of my brothers' recent projects was to turn this barn into a small apartment.
This is the front with the entrance. Not much to look at but we loved the inside! Lots of funny nooks and crannies.
The kitchen is all white. I could probably vacuum this whole apartment without needing to change outlets!
The entire upstairs makes up the one bedroom, but there is a nice open room at the top of the stairs. Downstairs is the living room, kitchen and bath. Isn't it cute?
Outside is a little shed with a porch.
We collected lots of acorns for Maggie so she can make flour. Yummy!
I had to laugh when we drove up to my brothers' work site. They nailed an electrical outlet to the tree so they could blast their radio. Glad there are no neighbors nearby.
Simba is up on top of the first story (this will eventually be a 2 story home). My brother, Mike, and his son, Dustin, are out back with James, the only non-family worker. Floyd was working on a home on Cobb Island. It was a beautiful day to be out working.
I took this picture of the door on Simba's truck. Anyone interested in renting a cute little barn apartment? That's the phone number. (The pasture and large barn are also up for rent.)
This is the fourth little building we call a "barn."
This is what I call a barn! Isn't it beautiful? This belongs to the neighbor who shares the road to the farm. You can almost smell the freshness of the wood on this barn. Oh how I enjoy the country life!

Today I took Maggie to Physical Therapy down on base. The PT room is located inside the huge gym that houses the indoor pool and the large gym. While I was in the car waiting for Maggie, a firetruck and ambulance rode up and blocked me in. Then I realized a bunch of people were coming out of the building quickly...some in swimming suits. They were evacuating the building!

I ran into the PT room, and they were all completely unaware of the massive evacuation going on! The doctor unhooked Maggie from her machine and we all headed for the door. I still don't know what the problem was, but the firemen all had little machines so I'm guessing there was suspicion of a gas leak. That was enough drama for my day!

My sister in law came over to visit today. Denise just found out today that she is very allergic to milk and chocolate. Poor darling. She has no idea how to live now. Maggie and I took her to the very beginning...first start by taking milk out of your diet:~)

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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